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Laser electric -- training for the future

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Training to us is the lifeblood of our industry. We have never wanted to have people working for us who are satisfied to be stagnant in their skills and knowledge. Our staff is constantly encouraging our field technicians to excel at everything they do and take every bit of training they can to improve themselves for their own welfare and their family's long-term benefit. We strongly feel that in addition to strengthening their electrical expertise, those that choose to gain more knowledge in their craft are also smarter, more productive, and safer. Our training includes both electrical and electronic systems technician apprenticeships, both of which we strongly support through participation in Associated Builders & Contractors Training. Not only do we have many apprentices enrolled in these programs, but we also support them through voluntary efforts on the oversight committees and have several instructors from our staff teaching classes. These programs are directly benefiting the people of our community by offering high level training with good pay and benefits to many San Diegans. To supplement these outstanding programs, we have in-house training in low voltage systems specific installations, Safety Training for compliance with NFPA 70E related work on energized equipment, and updates to the National Electrical Code. Our TEGG service program has given us access to high-end technical training programs and certification for Level 1 Infrared on IR cameras and UE Ultrasound Probes and interpretation of data. We have three technicians already certified on staff and in the very near future we will have certified power quality technicians on staff as well. Our goal is to have the safest, most intelligent electrical technicians in Southern California. Our staff and field personnel are committed to this goal as a team effort and we know that a higher standard of living for each of us is tied to having more knowledge, more expertise, all for the benefit of the customers we serve in our community.

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