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Western Summit Constructors Inc. LEAD training

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L.E.A.D. training helps ensure that Western Summit field and supervisory personnel are equipped to handle complex multi-million dollar porjects, such as the Miramar Water Treatment Plant in Scripps Ranch.

Operations and craft training are often overlooked by construction companies. To ensure that all levels of employees are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to safely and efficiently conduct their jobs, Western Summit Constructors Inc. (WSCI) has implemented key corporate training programs for all of its employees. At the craft level, Western Summit recognizes the need for all craft workers to possess a solid foundation to build upon. Through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), we have implemented a company-wide accredited training program. Starting with a core curriculum program, topics on safety, construction math, hand tools, power tools, blueprint reading and basic rigging are introduced. Upon successful completion, crafts continue to receive advanced training in areas specific to their expertise. As our organization and craft base continues to grow, so does the diversity of our work force. In 2002, Western Summit implemented an ESL (English as a Second Language) program. This program has been updated to include job specific and life-skill application for our non-English speaking employees. Western Summit has also recognized the need to provide continuing education for positions integral to our operations management staff, including foreman, project engineers and field engineers. From the days when most training was on the job, the company has grown and implemented formalized programs in the areas of safety and leadership. These in-house programs, Safety (SST) and Leadership Education and Development (LEAD), ongoing since 1997, address specific areas in support of career development and the molding of our organizational culture. Highlights of these programs include: leadership, motivation, communication, problem solving, coaching and counseling, conflict resolution, job safety assessment, specific safety training, safety site awareness, labor cost analysis, planning and scheduling, materials management and team building. To complement these building blocks, we have also implemented a formal foreman academy, field engineer academy, and project engineer academy. The curriculum for each of these academies includes extensive hands-on exercises and case studies to prepare each of these individuals for the demands of their position. Included within these training programs are:

Foreman Academy * Leadership topics * Advanced safety training * Math and construction layout * Project control

Field Engineer Academy * Construction surveying * Fieldwork practices * Angle measurement * Equipment use and calibration * Global positioning systems * Math essentials * Computations and geometry * Construction control * Layout techniques

Project Engineer Academy * Project engineering overview * Organizational requirements * Plan review * Submittals * Schedules * Contract review * Specification interpretation * Request for information * Tracking material and costs

A leader in the construction of water and wastewater facilities, Western Summit was founded in 1973 with a commitment to build an outstanding contracting firm. Operating within the cornerstones of our business philosophy; a safe work place for all of the people involved in a project; quality exceeding the needs of our clients; commitment to schedule; and a fair price, Western Summit continues to invest in its people, their most valuable asset, in its exemplary training programs.

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