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Not your ordinary bank

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For extraordinary products and service, Pacific Trust Bank is the place to stash your cash.

Pacific Trust Bank, headquartered in Chula Vista and operating as a community financial institution since 1941, recently became the first bank in Southern California to provide free coin counting service with introduction of its self-service "Coin Ex-Change" machine at the bank's Rancho Bernardo office.

The bank plans on installing additional Coin Ex-Change machines by early 2005 at its other branch offices located in Chula Vista, El Cajon, Clairemont Mesa, Temecula and Riverside.

Bank customers and non-customers alike can bring in their loose change to be counted and exchanged for cash or a deposit into their Pacific Trust Bank account. Unlike machines found elsewhere that deduct a fee to count change, Coin Ex-Change at Pacific Trust Bank is a free service.

"We're constantly looking for new ways to improve service and add convenience for customers -- without imposing additional fees," said bank President Hans Ganz.

Pacific Trust's Coin Ex-Change machine is the newest addition to a growing list of convenient free banking services which include free checking with no minimum balance, free online banking and free bill payment service.

Another product unique to Pacific Trust is the "Peace Of Mind CD," a three-year certificate of deposit with an interest rate that adjusts annually, and the interest rate can only go up - never down. They call it the Peace of Mind CD because, with it, savers no longer need to worry about which way interest rates may change, when, or by how much.

The bank's staff nickname for this is the Blue Brain CD, because they give away blue brain stress relievers to everyone opening a Peace of Mind CD.

And as for extraordinary service, Pacific Trust Bank is open late and on Saturdays for added customer convenience, backs up their service quality with a $50 guarantee, rewards customers for making suggestions to improve bank service, and even provides customers with the bank president's direct phone number to call in the event of any problems.

As we said, it's not your ordinary bank.

Submitted by Pacific Trust Bank

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