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The winning formula for small- to mid-sized business

The Road Runner Business Class solution provides Internet access through a cable connection into the business location that in most cases is already available or can be quickly installed.

Road Runner Business Class enables communication at speeds up to 100 times faster than a traditional dial-up line. This translates to greatly improved processes for businesses including billing, file distribution and customer interaction.

Time Warner Cable carries the Road Runner Business Class solution through a combination of all fiber-optic national and regional networks and the local cable hybrid-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure. Road Runner Business Class was specifically developed by Time Warner Cable for commercial customers in vertical markets such as medical, financial, travel, advertising, legal, architectural, real estate and all other commercial organizations looking to increase efficiencies for business owners and employees.

For more information, call us at (858) 635-8285 or visit the Web site at www.roadrunnerbiz.com.

About Road Runner Business Class

Road Runner Business Class, a service of Time Warner Cable, is the nation's number one commercial cable broadband service provider for small- to mid-sized business. The suite of broadband solutions enables customers to continuously capitalize on the potential of the Internet by turning a necessary communication medium into a strategic business tool.

Road Runner Business Class offers broadband Internet solutions to commercial customers in major U.S. urban and suburban areas. Among the products and services offered within Road Runner Business Class broadband solutions are: Tiered High-Speed Access, Web Hosting, E-mail Solutions, Static IP, Domain Name Services and Managed Security Solutions, Managed Storage, Teleworker, Home Based Business and Dedicated Fiber.

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