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New forklift equipped to reduce harmful emissions

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With a series of new statewide emissions standards coming down the pipe over the next couple of years, it may be time for contractors to start looking to replace some of their older pieces of equipment.

Nissan CL80 Platinum series forklift

The Nissan CL80 Platinum series forklift comes equipped with engines with emissions ratings well below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards without sacrificing power or comfort.

Nissan purports that their long-time experience making automotive engines has allowed them to share technologies and provide a highly efficient, clean and powerful engine.

The Platinum model comes equipped with Nissan's Electronic Concentrated Control System that is composed of three modules that all work together to analyze engine performance parameters which maximize productivity while lowering the overall fuel consumption.

An electronic closed-loop feedback system uses sensors to monitor exhaust emission quality and ensure proper air/fuel ratio adjustments.

Nissan's K25, 2.5 liter engine that packs in 60.3 horsepower, 2,700 revolutions per minute maximum, and a maximum speed is 11.5 miles per hour.

The load capacity for the CL80 is 8,000 pounds and a maximum lift speed of 88.6 feet-per-minute. The lift has a right angle stacking aisle of 103.5 inches and a minimum turning radius of 83.9 inches.

The forklift's overall truck dimensions are 100 inches in length, 45.9 inches wise, and 82.3 inches high.

The Nissan team has designed the tool to maximize operator controls. New features include:

  • A full suspension seat that is made with a sculpted design includes an operator restraint system and plenty of front to back travel for added comfort.
  • The cushioned stability control is a Nissan-exclusive maintenance-free feature incorporates a rubber dampener between the rear axle and frame to enhance lateral stability.
  • The mast lock is a standard safety-enhancing feature that includes a seat-actuated, automatically locking lift with tilt operations for when the operator exits the lift truck. The vehicle is also designed with a five-piece overhead guard that is specifically designed to provide simple, cost effective replacement of individual parts if needed.

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