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Global competition makes it increasingly difficult for companies to create and maintain high-wage manufacturing jobs in California. That's why the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) and the Industrial Environmental Association (IEA) launched a statewide effort last year to educate state and local officials about the regulatory and business cost pressures on California manufacturers.

A year-long effort started here in San Diego when Supervisor Diane Jacobs, in cooperation with our two organizations, convened the San Diego Manufacturers Summit. We quickly realized the value of the effort and that more needed to be done. We went on to organize eight more summits in California's major industrial counties where hundreds of manufacturers told their stories to local government representatives and the media about the plight of our state's manufacturers.

The regional summit programs culminated in Sacramento last June with the California Manufacturers Summit where four former governors, noted economists, large and small manufacturers and other business leaders sent a collective and incontrovertible message to the state Legislature, regulatory agencies and the media that MANUFACTURING DOES MATTER.

Throughout the process, environmental and regulatory issues were among the highest concerns and, in more than a few instances, were listed as major reasons for not locating or expanding industrial operations in California. For this reason, CMTA and IEA are pleased to present this informative conference to acquaint industry with the environmental and regulatory challenges anticipated in the coming years to mitigate the environmental regulatory burden on California's high-wage job creators. With a few successes in the closing months of this year's legislative session, there is still so much to be done but, like everything else, success will come in increments. With our perseverance and continued commitment, we can make a difference.

Day one will feature special sessions on air quality, water quality, hazardous materials and e-waste, and environmental sustainability.

Day two is reserved for special workshops including: LNG - fuel for the future; biotechnology/pharmaceutical issues; plating industry pollution prevention and the latest on the California Performance Review.

Thank you for attending this important conference and continuing to support the protection of both environmental resources and high wage industrial jobs.


Joe Hess



Jack M. Stewart



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