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Misty Moore: Winning the race in heels

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My boss Misty Moore had an advantage as one of the first (if not the first) female tenant rep specialists in San Diego commercial real estate.

Stealth. (Like in the fable of the tireless tortoise and the full-of-it hare.)

“When I first started it was easy to sneak up on men who didn’t take women seriously,” Misty says. “Now, it’s a little harder to blindside them. But you still run into a few who are clueless.”

Sexist talk? Maybe. But according to Misty, male attitudes about women in fields once dominated by men “die hard”. For proof, Misty points to the headline-grabbing remarks by the president of Harvard University who recently claimed women don’t have the right genetic make-up to be good scientists.

“Now him, I could sneak up on.”

Misty Moore is a principal of Walsh Chacon, a commercial real estate company which specializes in helping tenants find office and industrial space in San Diego County. A graduate of UCSD with a degree in psychology, Misty started with the company in 1998 as an associate. Today, she has an equity stake in the business.

Site selection, lease negotiation, tenant improvements, build-to-suit opportunities and market analysis are on the list of services provided by Walsh Chacon, a player in San Diego real estate since 1982.

It takes time to be taken seriously in your career, according to Misty. “And probably more time if you’re a woman. One of my first clients, LandAmerica Financial Group, looked at me initially and probably thought ‘oh no, another broker’.”

Now, after working together for seven years on more than 30 leases in San Diego County--including a 35,000 square foot corporate headquarters -- LandAmerica’s Richmond-based real estate manager thinks Misty is one of the few brokers he works with across the country who really digs into the details on their behalf.

What advice has Misty given me about moving up the ladder in commercial real estate? 1. Never stop asking questions. 2. Be the first one in and the last one to leave. 3. Do your homework. 4. And work your butt off.

Persistence pays off and you can win the race in heels, claims my boss.

By Elana Haimes

Executive Assistant

Walsh Chacon

Tenant Representatives

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