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How Bail Works

Choosing a Bail Bond Agency

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Bail has existed for thousands of years as a means of securing the release of an arrestee from jail and guaranteeing their appearance in court. It is an important part of the legal system in America as it provides freedom to an accused person and reduces overcrowding in the jails.

It is also proven that the use of a professional bail bond agency for bail creates the highest assurance that the accused will appear in court for the entire duration of their case.

Attorneys have many options available when assisting their clients or client family members with the undertaking of bail. Perhaps the greatest benefit the attorney can provide their client is working with an honest, reputable, local bail agent who knows the system, respects the courts and complies with the law. The rule of caveat emptor - buyer beware applies more than ever today in the world of bail.

The cost of a bail bond is regulated by law, and is typically 10 percent of the full amount of bail. For example, it would be $1,000 to purchase a $10,000 bond. This premium fee is nonrefundable and cannot be negotiated. Reductions in this fee by disreputable bail agencies could be construed as a circumvention of the authority of the local judges who establish bail for various charges. Rebates, discounts or refunds may also be illegal, if offered. However, professional discount courtesies of 10 percent to 20 percent are recognized and generally extended to attorneys for the benefit of their clients.

"King" Stahlman has the oldest bail license in the state of California, is a member in excellent standing of the Better Business Bureau and has consistently been voted the "Best of the Best" by the people of San Diego. With a 50-plus year tradition of giving back to the community, King Stahlman supports many youth charitable organizations throughout the county. Multiple offices, the ability to post bail anywhere in the country and bonding power to handle multi-million dollar bail clients allows King Stahlman to be the single best source for bail information and bonding for attorneys.

King Stahlman can be contacted toll free at 1-800-782-4522, 1-800-977-4404 or 1-800-520-2245. Or vist his web site at: www.kingstahlmanbail.com

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