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Message from Athena President Susan Ebner

Transformation vs. change

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Change is frequently thought of as something we must manage, cope with and sometimes weather — like a storm. We are occasionally told we must embrace it or we don’t fit anymore.

But when does change lead to transformation? I believe it is the moment we take responsibility for our awareness and apply it to our everyday lives — moment by moment. When we embrace transformation we desire it, we plan it, we live it and we can rejoice and celebrate it. The act of executing a transformation involves thought, soul searching, discussion, planning and quite frankly, hard work. It is about being relevant to the changes around us — in our personal, professional and community lives.

This is the year of transformation for Athena. Our core values and foundation remain the same, but we are unveiling a more current and relevant organization that expresses and upholds those original core values. We are presenting ourselves in a transformed image — a testament to the accomplishments, successes and growth of our organization and our members.

Our new brand platform is about Athena today. It is about our beliefs, our commitments, and our promises to our members and our community.

On behalf of the Athena Board Members, we announce the Athena brand platform.

From this strong platform we are going to align all touch points — both verbal and visual — to create our own unique brand charter. You will see this come alive in our materials, programming, mentoring and outreach programs very soon.

To Athena! To us all!

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