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Athena Pinnacle Awards 2005 Nominees

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Congratulations to our 2005 nominees. Athena would like to thank everyone who nominated and contributed the following excerpts for these exceptional candidates.


Doris Alvarez, Ph.D.

The Preuss School

Director and Principal

Doris Alvarez, a previous winner of Principal of the Year and many other awards, is the founding principal of The Preuss School. The Preuss School just demonstrated extraordinary achievement with its first graduates — a great tribute to Alvarez’s leadership.

The Preuss School is a coed charter school for economically disadvantaged students whose parents were not able to go to college, and its record is exemplary.

Alvarez also created a parent-led health education initiative focused in diabetes and obesity (underwritten by Amylin), in which parents were trained to give presentations in their communities on how to reduce health risks.

Jodi L. Connolly, Ph.D.

Isis Pharmaceuticals

Patent Agent

A patent specialist by profession, Jodi Connolly volunteers with AWIS-SD, where she has led a highly successful outreach program for several years. Connolly also served as a steering committee member for Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in 2003 and as program committee co-chair this year. She is leading recruitment for student and parent workshop presenters. EYH aims to encourage San Diego girls and their parents to consider careers in science, math, engineering and technology.

Connolly serves on the Biocom Education Committee, promoting the involvement of Biocom member companies in K-12 and community college education, including job shadowing, internships and participation in the San Diego Science Alliance High Tech Fair, Expanding Your Horizons.

Andrea Cook, Ph.D.

High Tech High

Science Teacher

Andrea Cook actively demonstrates her passion for science as an inspirational model for young women. Cool believes that women, with encouragement and support, will experience success in science.

Cook has been instrumental in developing BEWiSE and EYH programs, where more than 2,500 girls have benefited from her expertise and personal approach. Through her presentations at the Jenna Druck Leadership Conference, she inspires young women to enhance self-esteem and acknowledge their intelligence and abilities.

Cook’s work, including a new methodology in radiocarbon dating, has benefited the scientific field and inspired young women. Cook encourages girls on the volleyball court, in the classroom and in community-based seminars.

Cathleen Pena Davies, BS, MS

BioTech Primer Inc.


Cathleen Pena Davies speaks to high school and middle school students, highlighting her career as a female scientist, marine biologist, researcher, director of the SCBC and entrepreneur.

During her presentation she stresses the importance of math and science, and outlines career opportunities. Pena Davies created a 2005 calendar featuring women scientists from San Diego companies and academic institutions, portraying a full spectrum of career opportunities available for women with a science and math education. The women in the calendar are diverse in age, nationality and career path, but all love what they do. The calendar is designed to inspire young girls by showing how women have enhanced their lives and the lives of others through science.

Katherine H. Dooley

MS Physical Chemistry

Orange Glen High School


Katherine Dooley recruits young women into the math program via her role as an AVID teacher, where students learn math through an integrated program that promotes teaching and learning styles that are particularly friendly to women.

Each summer for the past four years, two female OGHS students have attended the Upward Bound Math and Science Program at UC Berkeley. These students are currently attending Stanford, Bryn Mawr and UCLA.

Dooley also trains math teachers throughout the United States as part of the AVID and GEAR UP program in methods designed to increase access and advancement of special populations, especially females and minorities.

Connie Elder, MA, MS

Cuyamaca College

Coordinator, Computer & Information Science Department

Connie Elder coordinates the CIS Department at Cuyamaca College. During her tenure as coordinator, she created three new majors: Computer Network Administration, Web Development and Telecomm-unications Networking Technology.

In 2003, Elder received an $882,000 grant from the NSF to develop the Institute for Telecommunications Technology and increase the representation of women in the two networking majors.

Elder visits high school math, science and technology classes to recruit students — particularly women — into technology majors at Cuyamaca. A mentoring program has been established, connecting each female in the networking majors with a female industry adviser, and Elder organized a “Women in Technology” club for students majoring in any gender-skewed fields.

Nataliya Serdyukova, Ph.D., Physics

National University

Assistant Professor

As a full-time professor in the physical sciences, Nataliya Serdyukova serves as a role model for the young women who take her classes to fulfill their general education science requirements and for those women who choose to go on and teach sciences in secondary schools.

Serdyukova assists with math tutoring and math anxiety workshops. She also often assists students one-on-one in science and physics.

Cynthia Villis, Ph.D.

University of San Diego

Director, Institute of College Initiatives

Cynthia Villis gives generously of her expertise by working directly with students and staff, developing programs, writing funding proposals and collaborating with the community to enrich student math and science programs.

She is a walking, talking catalog of career development information for young women. Her demeanor encourages, normalizes and challenges young women’s interest in math and science. As founding director of USD’s Institute of College Initiatives, Villis partnered USD in programs benefiting women (National Council on Youth Leadership, Expanding Your Horizons). She developed the USD McNair Scholars, encouraging women in math and science toward graduate education and the professoriate.

Sharon Wampler, Ph.D.

UCSD Extension

Director of Life Science Programs

Sharon Wampler has succeeded as a scientist in biotech, a marketer and now develops innovative educational programs that help scientists with their careers in biotech.

She serves on many committees that seek to improve educational and career opportunities for young scientists, including Biocom Workforce, the San Diego Biotech Education Consortium and the San Diego High School Biotechnology Advisory Panel.

Wampler has expanded the biotech classes offered by UCSD Extension to more than 80 courses, increasing enrollment (most students being women) by 75 percent and revenues by 142 percent. Through persistence she has raised funds, found instructors and brought creative industry experts together to produce innovative educational programs for the UCSD Extension Biotech portfolio.

Pamela J. Whiting, MS Biology

Orange Glen High School

Teacher, AVID Site Coordinator

As a retired LCDR of the Navy, Pamela Whiting shares her background knowledge and experiences serving as a positive role model for young women. Stanford University recently presented her their “Inspirational Teacher” award.

Once a year, Whiting sponsors a college visitation trip for underrepresented underclassmen. During the visits, students shadow former OGHS students, attend classes, talk to recruiters and tour the campus. By sponsoring college application and FAFSA workshops for students, the number and amount of scholarships for women has increased. Two years ago, two female students were awarded Gates-Millennium scholarships.

Individual Technology

Agnes Barrelet, BS Business Administration

WebSideStory, Inc.


Agnes Barrelet co-founded one of San Diego’s flagship IT companies, WebSideStory, which completed a successful initial public offering in October 2004.

In partnership with her husband, Barrelet helped build WebSide-Story from the ground up, from inspiring its clever name to starting and developing the sales and marketing activities. After achieving revenue in the multimillion-dollar range, Barrelet recently retired from her operational position at WebSideStory.

She has been a role model for women employees at WebSideStory, recruiting many women in the company, which has been praised as one of the top employee-friendly companies in San Diego.

Katherine S. Bowdish, Ph.D.

Alexion Antibody Technologies Inc.


Katherine Bowdish is an influential mentor and advocate of women. As founder and CEO of Prolifaron, Bowdish began the company by hiring four women, leading the development of Prolifaron from blackboard conception to a fully integrated biotechnology company.

As Prolifaron grew and merged with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Bowdish became president of Alexion Antibody Technologies. As president, she promoted the first female scientist she had hired to senior director, advanced another woman to director and promoted female senior staff scientists to principal scientists.

Her mentoring has now positioned all of these women to have a strong impact on research decisions as well as the overall direction of the company.

Cora Carmody, MS, BA, MA


Chief Information Officer

Named one of ComputerWorld’s Top IT Leaders (2002), Cora Carmody is a role model and advocate for women pursuing technology positions. Thirty-one percent of her staff and 40 percent of her managers are female (well above industry averages/trending).

Recently, Carmody hired a female vice president and two female senior managers and promoted two additional senior/executive women. She also placed five female program managers in charge of crucial IT projects.

Carmody leads an organizationwide mentoring series, Leadership in Life, and has a one-on-one mentoring relationship with three senior women. In 2002, Carmody founded Technology Goddesses, a school-year long program of technology mentorship for junior high/high school Girl Scouts.

Sonya Summerour Clemmons, Ph.D.

MediVas LLC

Director, Business Development

Sonya Summerour Clemmons is the first from her family to attend college, and she went on to become the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UCSD.

Summerour Clemmons transitioned successfully from academia into industry at MediVas and is also a working mother. She is currently studying for an MBA at UCLA, due to graduate in August 2005. She writes a regular column for the Minority Scientists’ Network on Science’s Next Wave, an Internet portal of Science Magazine, where she provides advice to young minority scientists and engineers and serves as a mentor to many.

Karin Eastham, MBA, CPA

The Burnham Institute

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Throughout her career, including for-profit and nonprofit environments, Karin Eastham has been passionate about progressing the careers of her female colleagues. She mentors women of all ranks — from personal assistants to senior staff — helping them to understand and exploit the full potential of their positions.

Eastham has actively helped promote female colleagues to higher positions through recognition and highlighting their achievements among peers. Since joining The Burnham Institute in 2004, Eastham has made two senior hires (CFO and vice president of business development), both well-qualified women. The result is threefold: advancement, empowerment and creation of a workplace culture where women help women.

Gina Lombardi, Ph.D.

Qualcomm Internet Services Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management

One of Gina Lombardi’s most admired traits is her eagerness to share her insights with respect to her personal and professional growth. She is esteemed for her compassionate leadership style and charisma, and is a role model for professionals seeking a balance between a high-profile career and a fulfilled personal life.

Lombardi holds 10 U.S. patents and 17 international patents for her involvement with developing Qualcomm’s technology solutions. As senior vice president of marketing and product management for Qualcomm Internet Services (QIS), the division responsible for the BREW solution and Eudora e-mail client, Lombardi’s group is responsible for changing the landscape of the wireless marketplace.

Magda Marquet, Ph.D.

Althea Technologies Inc.

Co-President & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ten years after moving to the United States, Magda Marquet co-founded Althea Technologies with the mission of creating safer and better drugs by providing contract services and innovative technologies to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Currently at Althea, women represent 60 percent of total employees and hold a higher percentage of manager or director-level positions than men.

In 2005, Marquet received the “Best Companies to Work For” award from the San Diego Business Journal. A mother of two teenage sons, Marquet initiated the “Science is Fun” club at the Gillispie School in La Jolla.

Marshall Merrifield

Perseus Wireless

Chairman and CEO

Marshall Merrifield is an energetic, pioneering and innovative entrepreneur. In startup mode at one of his ventures, Perseus Wireless, Merrifield hired seven employees and consultants, five of whom were women.

At Clark Security and General Lock & Security, Merrifield has women in the positions of CFO, general counsel, vice president of human resources, regional directors and corporate and division directors.

Merrifield empowers and supports his leadership team — including promoting and mentoring women. Through a recent companywide rollout of a five-year strategic plan, the road map provides all 400-plus employees firsthand opportunities to grow the company. Many women employees, varying in titles, have been given new leadership responsibilities to manage key strategic initiatives.

Linda J. Pinney, MBA, MHA

Asteres Inc.

Founder and Chief Business Officer

Prior to founding Asteres, Linda Pinney was the first of 13 employees at Pyxis. During her 10 years there, Pinney hired, mentored, promoted and empowered dozens of women in various departments. She helped advance women by hiring three female vice presidents, two of whom were M.D.s, and one eventually became CEO.

At Asteres, Pinney has continued the advancement of women by appointing a female vice president of customer operations and vice president of sales. Part of Pinney’s gift for building stellar teams of people resides in her ability to bring a healthy balance of men and women to the table.

Charisse Quesada

Booz Allen Hamilton

Senior Associate (Level IV)

A tireless leader and true promoter of women, Charisse Quesada consistently advances women into management positions. One example is a promotion that resulted in the only African American female associate — out of 637 people — in Booz Allen Hamilton, San Diego. Quesada promoted one woman from an administrative assistant role to a consultant who now manages her own contract and has become a subject matter expert in DoD contract management. Her vision was to develop a highly skilled team to support the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Program Offices and Contracts Directorate. She now supports Program Executive Office C4I and Space, as well.

Individual Services

Hazel M. Aker, J.D.

CancerVax Corp.

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Hazel Aker has built the legal department at CancerVax from scratch. She now has on her staff two female attorneys and one female paralegal. One of the attorneys is in a part-time role and Aker broke new ground by fighting for the idea of a director-level person functioning in a part-time capacity.

Aker actively mentors several successful San Diego businesswomen. Included in this group are women who have risen to the ranks of vice president in marketing, finance and business development positions. Aker has continued to provide leadership counsel to these and other women within her current organization.

Susan Atkins, MBA, MA

Atkins + Associates

Founder, CEO and President

Susan Atkins has founded and grown successfully an IR/PR agency that has become well known in the life sciences industry. She has hired capable women, mentored and promoted them.

Atkins + Associates has strongly shaped the life sciences landscape locally through the many life sciences clients that Atkins has helped, much through her and her team’s talent, motivation, tenacity and networks. Atkins has had a hand in both developing and leading the business to its current success. She is a successful woman business owner committed to helping other women on their paths, including being available to others despite her busy schedule.

Mary E. Ball, Honors graduate at USD in Political Science & Business

Cox Communications

Vice President of Government & Community Relations

Mary Ball has mentored many women to position them for success and realize promotional opportunities within Cox Communications. Ball has a unique way of recognizing an individual’s potential and works with each of her employees to nurture and develop their strengths and encourage them to strive for higher responsibilities.

In Ball’s highly visible role, she is responsible for overseeing the government affairs, community relations and media and public relations for Cox Communications, as well as the Cox Kids Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Cox that supports the interests of children and contributes to schools and other organizations.

Suzanne Biggs, J.D.

Pillsbury Winthrop LLP


Suzanne Biggs has been a positive role model for women at Pillsbury Winthrop LLP and other firms by taking a leadership role in the firm and volunteering for many outside activities.

Biggs has been active in Pillsbury’s client outreach programs. She has been a speaker for and is the current chair of the San Diego Biocom Intellectual Property Committee and is also a strong supporter of Athena. She was instrumental in having Pillsbury sponsor Athena Biosciences events, such as the recent “meet the CEO-type” events. She has also been active in the San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association.

Stacey L. Davenport, Ph.D., MBA

Slayton International

Managing Director, Life Sciences

As a managing director at Slayton International, Stacey Davenport has always made every effort to promote strong executive women as candidates in the community and in the workplace. One recent example was a candidate slate that was 100 percent female for The Burnham Institute COO search.

Davenport has contributed to defining professional tracks for promotion and cross training, strong preference to promote within and significant benefits, including profit sharing and flexible hours for those commuting or with family requirements in the firm. She has met with a long list of executive women, helping them to prepare themselves, their resumes and market their skills for corporate director seats.

Charles H. Dick Jr., J.D.

Baker & McKenzie LLP

Managing Partner

Charles Dick’s leadership in the areas of recruiting, retaining, encouraging and advancing women professionals and staff is unparalleled.

Under his leadership, three women attorneys have advanced to partnership within the last four years. During Dick’s tenure as managing partner, Baker & McKenzie has been ranked in the top three San Diego private firms with the greatest percentage of female partners. On the staff side, almost all the department managers are women and were promoted to those positions internally.

Dick has created, and insists on, the collegial and respectful environment that makes Baker & McKenzie a nurturing place where diverse people can grow professionally and achieve professional satisfaction.

Theresa Drew, CPA


Managing Partner

Theresa Drew both empowers and supports women in the workplace. Within Deloitte, Drew has been a proud champion of the Women’s Initiative program, which is dedicated to fostering a supportive, encouraging environment for business women.

Drew’s commitment to hiring and promoting deserving women is unparalleled within the accounting profession. More than half of all employees in San Diego are women, including 43 percent at the partner/director level (compared to 12 percent nationwide). Over the last two years, 75 percent of all promotions to the partner/director level have been women.

Lynne Timpani Friedmann, Fellow, AAAS and AWIS

Friedmann Communications


Lynne Timpani Friedmann has worked tirelessly for 20 years promoting the advancement of women in science. A seasoned PR professional and science writer, Timpani Friedmann’s leadership and communication abilities have encouraged the voice of women scientists. Timpani Friedmann is a true builder of organizations that last. She established and chaired the first AWIS Women in BioScience Conference, which remains a significant force more than a decade later.

In 2003, Timpani Friedmann was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She continues to influence the profession of science writing as editor of Science Writers and as the UCSD Extension instructor of a popular science-writing course.

AnneMarie Kaiser, J.D.

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP


Until recently the sole female partner in the San Diego office, AnneMarie Kaiser leads by example and has an unparalleled commitment to train, mentor and promote female associates. As a result, the two associates named as partners in the San Diego office for 2005 were both women mentored by Kaiser.

While intellectual property is a male-dominated field, Kaiser is a pioneer for the empowerment and promotion of women. She has advanced as a result of her strong work ethic, creativity and dedication to her craft. Kaiser has helped to successfully build the largest intellectual property firm on the West Coast.

Margaret Mann, J.D.

Heller Ehrman LLP


Margaret Mann is the San Diego office leader for the Women’s Initiative at Heller Ehrman. She counsels women associates on client care, work quality, referral networks and choosing professional affiliations through mentoring.

Mann helps distressed companies salvage assets, rebuild and generate new value for the local economy. Mann is the District 9 Chair for the California Women Lawyers Association, a Fellow of the prestigious American College of Bankruptcy and was named 2003 Mediator of the Year by judges of U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California. Mann also serves on the Planning Committee of the International Women’s Insolvency Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC) Conference.

Susan Nowakowski

AMN Healthcare, Inc.

President, COO & Director

Susan Nowakowski believes that behind the success of every great woman lies the inspiration of another. Today, she inspires others to adopt solid values in the workplace and in the community. In 2003, Nowakow-ski assumed the role of president of AMN Healthcare, the only female president among the top health care staffing companies in the nation.

Under her leadership, 53 percent of key positions at AMN are held by women, including the roles of chief nursing officer, senior vice presidents, vice presidents and senior directors. Nowakowski was honored as a recipient of the San Diego Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business Award” in 2003.

Nadine Padilla, MBA

Biosite Inc.

Vice President, Corporate & Investor Relations

Nadine Padilla, chief scientific officer of Biosite, has four highly talented women reporting to her and has fostered the promotion of others within Biosite to even broader responsibilities.

Padilla started at Biosite just before the company went public in 1997 and has grown from the director of investor relations to the vice president level.

Padilla played a role in the National Investor Relations Institute, where she held leadership roles in the San Diego Chapter and participated in educational forums on a national and local basis. Padilla has also been involved with the UCSD CONNECT program.

Debra Lynn Robertson, Ph.D.

The Robertson Center for Science and Public Policy


Debra Robertson founded The Robertson Center for Science and Public Policy, which advances policies and practices to eliminate poverty, promote human health and improve national security.

She also developed a novel public database called the Science Policy Exchange, which links scientists with individuals and groups to develop science-based public policy.

Robertson believes good science and public policy can improve the quality of life and devotes the Robertson Center to that pursuit. She also works with the California Innocence Project on cases where DNA testing can yield conclusive proof of innocence.

Stephanie Seidman, Ph.D., J.D.

Fish & Richardson


Women comprise more than 80 percent of Stephanie Seidman’s group at Fish & Richardson. She created an environment that fosters women’s careers with a consistent, strategic approach.

Seidman recruits women scientists as scientific advisers, encourages them to attend law school and supports them through their studies as they develop into accomplished intellectual property attorneys.

Seidman’s most outstanding contribution has been as a founding board member of The Robertson Center for Science and Public Policy. Seidman has been an extremely valuable adviser in developing a productive dialogue between the international scientific community and lawmakers and public interest groups.

Judy Thompson

Judy Thompson & Associates President

Since 1981, Judy Thompson has specialized in recruiting and placing degreed, experienced accounting and financial professionals with San Diego county companies. She encourages mentoring with biweekly interoffice meetings. Thompson has been a speaker at the Institute of Management Accountants, the California society of CPAs, the American Women’s Society of CPAs and the American Society of Women Accountants.

She has served on the board of directors for the Institute of Management Accountants for 12 years and was president from 1993-1994.

Thompson is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Financial Executives International, Corporate Director’s Forum and Corporate Finance Council. In 2000, Thompson won the Women Who Mean Business Award.


Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing innovative medicines to improve the lives of people with metabolic diseases.

As of February 2005, Amylin had 619 employees, 54 percent female. Amylin committed to an affirmative action program in September 2003 that has had a significant impact on the percentage of women at the associate director and above levels.

Data for 2003/2004 indicates women-held associate director positions increased from 35 percent to 45.7 percent, and vice president/executive level positions increased from 21 percent to 25 percent, meeting the goals mandated by Amylin and matching market availability percentages. Women also lead Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development and other departments.

AMN Healthcare, Inc.

AMN Healthcare was recognized in 2004 by the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management for Workplace Excellence among emerging companies. AMN was noted for its strong company culture.

Leading the company culture of recruiting and retaining excellent personnel, especially women, is Susan Nowakowski, president of AMN Healthcare. She is the only female president of a leading temporary health care staffing agency in the nation. Because of her position, Nowakowski has been able to champion the development and mentoring of women at AMN Healthcare.

Today, 55 percent of the top executives are female. The AMN company culture is unique in that it fosters a culture of respect through the basic principles of a collaborative workplace for all.

Association for Women in Science, San Diego Chapter

The Association for Women in Science is an organization that promotes the advancement of women in the science and science related fields.

The San Diego chapter is one of the largest, with more than 300 members, consisting of scientists in both academia and the private sector. AWIS-SD reaches a broad spectrum of the San Diego community. The AWIS-SD monthly events and strategies sessions provide local scientists with professional and personal development opportunities.

Additionally, AWIS-SD awards $9,000 in scholarships to local young women pursuing science education at the community college, undergraduate or graduate levels. From top down, AWIS-SD is an organization run by women for women.

Asteres Inc.

Asteres was founded by Linda Pinney in May 2003. Three of its seven executives are women, including its chief business officer, vice president of sales and vice president of operations. These three executives are largely responsible for the sales, marketing, customer support and business development functions for a company that will revolutionize the prescription pickup process for consumers. Two of the five board members are women.

In less than two years, the company has investigated and developed a market that did not exist, raised several million dollars, filed extensive patents covering its technology, developed a commercial product for storing and delivering refill prescriptions, navigated the regulatory process, and is recognized as the leader in the space.

Atkins + Associates

Atkins + Associates provides an environment where women are encouraged to exceed not only their clients’ expectations, but their own.

The agencywide open-door policy provides opportunities for informal mentoring, and women at all levels are encouraged to explore women’s networking groups and similar opportunities. In the past year alone, 78 percent of new hires have been women, and 36 percent of the women on staff received promotions.

Additionally, 70 percent of the nonmanagement staffers are women, and more than half of these either serve as the primary point of contact for their clients or provide a similar integral account management role. Of the 17 current employees at Atkins + Associates, 14, or 82 percent, are women. Of these, the president/CEO and senior vice president/general manager are both women, as are two senior managers.


CardioDynamics is the innovator and leader of breakthrough medical technology called impedance cardiography.

CardioDynamics develops, manufactures and markets noninvasive diagnostic and monitoring technologies and electrodes. CardioDynamics has a written Affirmative Action Program plan. The company is exceeding its target plan, with women leading customer service, software quality and senior marketing communications. In three of the last five years, CardioDynamics has participated in Junior Achievement. Although Job Shadow Day was for females and males, CardioDynamics chose to have female mentors only and female students as participants, to motivate and empower women. It also empowered the women who participated and helped them realize what a difference the women in this company make.

Marsh Risk & Insurance Services

Since 1975, Marsh San Diego has demonstrated strong commitment to hiring and empowering women, growing to become one of the region’s preferred risk and insurance specialists.

Now led by one of three female office heads in the entire Marsh organization, the local office comprises a staff of 125 people — nearly 65 percent of whom are women. Since 2001, Marsh has promoted 14 women to sales leadership positions within San Diego.

Three out of five of Marsh’s key industry groups’ leaders are women, overseeing teams servicing clients in life sciences (largest industry group), technology and health care.

Marsh’s Employee Benefits division is headed by a female and supported by four team leaders, all of whom are also women. Property & Casualty consists of three team leaders, two of whom are women.

Pfizer La Jolla

Pfizer La Jolla, with more than 1,200 scientists and support staff, is the fourth largest of Pfizer’s major research sites around the globe.

Forty-six percent of Pfizer’s work force is comprised of women. Twenty-three percent of senior director, executive director and vice president-level positions are filled by women.

Two programs are specifically designed to promote and enhance the contribution of women at the site. The La Jolla Women’s Network encourages the organization to recognize and capitalize on the talents of women to achieve Pfizer’s objectives. The network invites prominent motivational speakers to talk on a variety of women-focused topics. The network members also get involved in many local volunteer efforts, in alignment with Pfizer’s strong community values. The Catalyst Mentoring Program gives women a chance to share or receive knowledge and experience. Women who believe this tool is a practical way to develop their career at every stage have favorably received the program.

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