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Life Sciences Finalists

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Althea Technologies

François Ferré, Ph.D.

Co- President & CEO and

Magda Marquet, Ph.D.

Co- President & CEO

Althea Technologies

François Ferré and Magda Marquet bring over 40 years of combined experience in life sciences to Althea Technologies. They founded the company together in 1997, with the purpose of offering services to accelerate gene-based drug development.

By utilizing Althea's distinctive technologies, companies developing new therapies can decrease the time, complexity and cost of bringing those therapies to market, benefiting the companies and improving the lives of their customers.

Guided by Ferré and Marquet, Althea has become the provider of choice for rapid drug development and regulatory-compliant manufacturing of gene-based therapeutics. The company is recognized as the leading contract manufacturer in the field of DNA vaccines.

Althea provides technology access and an array of specialized services to support researchers worldwide in their attempts to understand the mechanisms of disease. Through the provision of next-generation tools, Althea empowers new drug developers to mine the rich genetic information uncovered in the wake the "genomics revolution."

Marquet and Ferré have built a company that combines sophisticated manufacturing skills and innovation with quality service. As a result, Althea has emerged as a leader in the new rank of service firms that facilitate the rapid development, testing and manufacture of tomorrow's therapeutic products and vaccines.

Althea has achieved success in more ways than its outstanding technology. In addition to being listed as a Fast Growing Private Company by the San Diego Business Journal for two years in a row, in 2004 the Journal also cited Marquet with a Women Who Mean Business Award, and in 2005 named Althea one of the Best Companies to Work For.

From a shared dream, Marquet and Ferré have built a highly-respected company that serves a global customer base comprised of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government institutions. Althea's continuous and consistent growth has resulted in a revenue increase of almost 1600 percent over a period of five years.

Artes Medical Inc.

Stefan Lemperle, M.D.

President & CEO

Artes Medical Inc.

Stefan Lemperle has combined his training as a medical doctor with the instincts of an entrepreneur. Lemperle was a working as a post-doc at UCSD when he conceived of the new concept of "Protected Bone Regeneration" and received his first patents for this novel idea.

Based on those patents, he founded MacroPore, a medical device company that evolved into the international industry leader in biodegradable implant technology for bone fixation and regeneration.

Only three years later, based on technology invented by his father, Gottfried, and his brother, Martin, Lemperle co-founded Artes Medical.

During the past six years, Lemperle has guided the company to the successful completion of rigorous, multi-center U.S. clinical trials demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the company's lead product, ArteFill.

Artes Medical has received an approvable letter from the FDA, and expects to receive final approval to market ArteFill in the U.S. in September 2005.

Although he faced the expenses of a formidable FDA regulatory process, Lemperle did not want to lose control of the company and its clinical development focus. So rather than securing funding from traditional venture capital sources, he invested his own money and raised capital from over 400 accredited private European and U.S. individual investors.

ArteFill is the first and only permanent injectable implant for the treatment of facial wrinkles and scars that has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in U.S. FDA clinical trials. It represents a major paradigm shift in the way wrinkles and scars can be treated. Existing techniques provide only temporary results.

ArteFill utilizes injectable, precision-filtered microspheres to stimulate the sustained production of the body's natural collagen and connective tissue to achieve enduring wrinkle correction.

These microspheres act as a scaffold for collagen deposition as each microsphere is encapsulated individually by the patient's own collagen, which provides for 80 percent of the final augmentation result.

Lemperle has also overseen the development of other pipeline products based on the same revolutionary platform technology. These include ArteSure for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, ArteFlux for the treatment of heartburn as a result of gastric reflux disorder and ArteSeal for the treatment of spinal disk injuries.

SkinMedica Inc.

Rex Bright

President & CEO

SkinMedica Inc.

SkinMedica is a specialty pharmaceutical firm that focuses on dermatology. For two years after its inception, the company enjoyed modest success as a provider of cosmeceutical products.

But when Rex Bright became President and CEO in December 2001, a new era began. With an entrepreneur's vision, he saw what the company could be and set out to make it so. Bright's background in the pharmaceutical industry gave him the expertise to plan an entirely new line of business.

SkinMedica's pharmaceutical portfolio has expanded the company's market share while complementing existing products.

Bright has led the company through a rapid series of accomplishments, including the launch of the company's TNS Recovery Complex, an anti-aging serum that has set the standard for scientifically advanced cosmeceutical products.

He also oversaw the introduction of the company's first prescription product, EpiQuin Micro, now the number two branded product in its category and growing.

While scrupulously monitoring spending, SkinMedica has demonstrated the ability to successfully develop market-leading products without Big Pharma resources.

A creative business model allows SkinMedica to sell directly through dermatologists and other physicians. By using this sales route, the company has created a marketing niche that positions it as a leading brand and trusted resource of skin care experts.

A strong supporter of teamwork, Bright believes ideas get better through dialogue and has fostered a culture where permission is given to challenge ideas without having to defend one's point of view.

When assembling SkinMedica's management team, he recruited executives with directly-related experience who were motivated by the challenge to grow a successful business and who weren't afraid to challenge established practices to get it done.

Bright's prescription for success has allowed SkinMedica to increase revenues by almost 1,600 percent in three years, making it one of the fastest-growing life science companies in the country.

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