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Robert McLeod

Chairman & CEO

Newland Communities

R. McLeod

The enthusiasm and passion that Bob McLeod brings to anything he undertakes may be part of the reason behind the success of Newland Communities. But marketing brilliance, a near-psychic ability to forecast what consumers will want, and an unshakeable determination to triumph, may also be factors.

After joining Genstar Land USA, it took McLeod only four years to become president and CEO. In 1986 McLeod outbid, outsmarted and outmaneuvered some 135 competitors to lead a successful buyout of the company. Recognizing that with proper marketing and intensified management something remarkable could be built, he transformed that lackluster operation into the core of what has become one of the foremost residential development companies in the country.

Under McLeod's leadership, Newland Communities has developed more than 50,000 acres, containing 225,000 homes and 12 golf courses. The firm manages a portfolio of more than 40 community developments in eight states, and sells more than 5,000 lots a year.

Newland provides development, management and transaction-structuring expertise to investor and developer partners for the acquisition and development of residential projects. These projects focus on the acquisition of entitled land, development of infrastructure and amenities, and the sale of lots to merchant homebuilders.

As a developer, Newland directly manages the entire master-planning process, from acquisition of raw land through the sale of the final home. As an adviser, Newland performs financial analyses, feasibility studies and due diligence that help institutions select the highest-quality, highest-potential projects that will meet their investment objectives. The ability to function as both developer and adviser has proven invaluable to both Newland and its institutional clients.

Mindful that their business impacts the environment, McLeod has made environmental consciousness one of Newland's highest priorities. The company's accomplishments include preservation of the 3,000 acre Peñasquitos Canyon, the largest open space ever dedicated to the city of San Diego as a park/preserve, and the preservation of 20,000 oak trees in conjunction with the development of public hiking and biking trails in Sacramento.

David Moon, Managing Principal

Douglas Mayoras, Design Principal

Moon Mayoras Architects Inc.

D. Moon

D. Mayoras

David Moon and Douglas Mayoras have a combined experience of more than 40 years specializing in health-care architecture. Their reputation for creating excellent working relationships with owners and contractors has earned them prestigious projects such as the Three Rivers Community Hospital in Oregon and the Eisenhower Medical Center Inpatient Tower in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Moon Mayoras implements a unique design process, called the Charette. Simply put, the Charette is an intense work session involving client, users, architects, engineers and other specialty consultants. Conducted on the proposed site, the Charette dramatically facilitates communication between all members of a project.

Prior to the Charette, Moon Mayoras issues and studies extensive questionnaires on a proposed project. Strategic, operational, volumetric and cultural aspects of a facility are documented. From this information, core programming unit quantities are calculated. The design team collects and analyzes important criteria such as site utilities, codes, traffic patterns and zoning information.

When this information has been assembled, the team is ready to conduct the Charette. The Charette itself consists of five phases: defining the goals of the project; documenting the project; identifying the needs of the project; synthesizing the concepts; and developing the solution.

Moon and Mayoras guarantee each client that one or both of them will personally lead the project from start to finish, providing a continuity of service not seen elsewhere in the industry. The Charette process ensures that Moon Mayoras achieves its goal of not just meeting client expectations, but exceeding them. Since its inception in 1994, the company has done projects in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Connecticut and California.

Vincent Mudd

President & CEO

San Diego Office Interiors

V. Mudd

It is Vincent Mudd's nature to seek constant improvement. While working as sales manager for San Diego Office Supply, he realized the potential of its interiors division. He knew what clients wanted was a single solution for their office interior needs. In 1994, after seven banks had turned him down, he found financing and purchased San Diego Office Interiors.

Today, instead of hiring a separate architect, interior designer, contractor, mover and furniture dealer, a client can have all these services handled by San Diego Office Interiors. Mudd turned his vision into a concrete reality. With its office intelligence concept, SDOI has become San Diego's only full-service design-build interiors firm, giving clients a single source for accountability throughout the life of a project.

Mudd's broad range of experience in the contract interiors industry prepared him for the multifaceted needs of his business. Knowledge of work-process evaluation, fixtures and equipment estimating and an excellent understanding of high-end communications products and applications all come into play in engineering today's office.

SDOI has earned a reputation for handling challenging jobs, and services have expanded to include ever-greater degrees of creativity and technological sophistication. An interior design team creates space that meets the project's functional, aesthetic and budget requirements, and coordinates with the general contracting arm to ensure schedule compliance. The technology integration group establishes ways for clients to achieve their communication, data and processing goals.

Always looking to improve its offerings, the company will soon introduce its Design-Build Modular Interiors. These fully modular, tech-oriented offices feature moveable walls and floating floors designed to accommodate extensive networking, as well as coffee and refreshment centers, and an interior designed to facilitate real-time communication.

To display SDOI's remarkable interiors, Mudd expanded the company into a 25,000 square foot showroom and warehouse, and recently added another area, FutureSpace 2002, to allow clients to experience the worlds of San Diego Office Interiors.

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