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Kevin Conlon


Palomar Technologies

K. Conlon

Entrepreneurism doesn't operate only in new businesses. Palomar Technologies was an established company when Kevin Conlon and his management team reviewed the market in 1999 and decided to shift the company's focus. Building on Palomar's background in the automation of complex hybrid microcircuit and multi-chip module assembly, Palomar channeled its expertise into optoelectronics. Today Palomar is the leading supplier of automated assembly equipment for the production of the tiny semiconductor lasers, light amplifiers, modulators and other components of optoelectronic systems that beam huge volumes of data through fiber-optic lines.

At a time when the wireless market demands cheaper methods to manufacture, Palomar offers it. The company recently formed three strategic alliances to provide photonic component manufacturers with a single-source for fully automated assembly, test and alignment systems.

Last year, Palomar introduced its laser diode attach assembly cell (LDA), the industry's first machine that fully automates complex laser diode component assembly. Users report payback in just 2.5 months because the LDA replaces four manual stations with 20 operators and improves yields of usable systems by 50 percent. This allows manufacturers of devices used in high-speed broadband communications to improve yield overall, shorten assembly times and increase profits.

Leading component manufacturers such as JDS Uniphase (Nasdaq: JDSU) and Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT), as well as emerging companies such as Iolon and Digital Optics Corp., are benefiting from Palomar's technology.

Conlon has set a goal of making Palomar Technologies the world's leading supplier of broadband capital equipment. To achieve that goal he has directed company resources heavily into research and development, and new product development, and will continue to extend the product portfolio through alliances, mergers and acquisitions.

Palomar has an international sales and support team, and offices in more than 16 countries. The company's innovations have earned it the Microwaves and RF Top Products of 2001 award, the 2001 Advanced Packaging Award, and the 2001 Technology Award from Fiberoptic Product News.

Kenneth Kalb

Chairman & CEO

Continuous Computing Corp.

K. Kalb

After a few years producing television comedy, Kenneth Kalb decided to forsake the ups and downs of that mercurial industry and go into something steady. That he chose telecommunications hardware demonstrates the inescapability of certain kinds of karma.

Despite the downturn in the telecom industry, however, the company Kalb founded four years ago has continued to grow, and now stands as the leading provider of voice-over-packet and wireless platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers.

Continuous Computing's innovative thinking is exemplified in upSuite, a revolutionary high-availability middleware product. UpSuite features sub-second failover and transparent file system replication over any TCP/IP connection. Unlike any other solutions on the market, upSuite replicates disk data at the file system layer, as opposed to the block-level layer. UpSuite transparently provides over 99.9999 percent availability of any application. The software has been embraced enthusiastically by CCPU customers.

Integrating upSuite is CCPU's Hi-5 system, which includes chassis, midplanes and boards. Hi-5 provides the ideal platform for every component of the next-generation communications network. The architecture is based on the use of Ethernet in place of the PCI bus for communication between boards. This enables much higher availability and a lower total cost of ownership. Continuous Computing was a pioneer in the use of Ethernet in the place of the PCI bus, and the industry has now widely adopted this solution.

For VoP manufacturers, CCPU offers high-availability NEBS-compliant systems for each element in the architecture: media gateways, media gateway controllers, signaling gateways, OAM&P servers and enhanced IP media servers. Similarly, CCPU offers platforms for each element of the wireless infrastructure architecture.

Continuous Computing's corporate culture of creativity and fairness has attracted a world-class team of product developers. Their innovations have not only succeeded in the marketplace, but have earned the company numerous Product of the Year awards from Internet Telephony and Communications Solutions.

Hiep Pham

President & CEO


H. Pham

Hiep Pham was already a successful entrepreneur in the wireless industry when he co-founded WIDCOMM in 1998. He and his partner, Rajiv Kumar, staffed their company with a handpicked team of wireless engineers. Their goal was to invent and deliver short-range wireless connectivity, with Bluetooth technology as their foundation.

In four short years, WIDCOMM's expertise has made it premiere in its field. WIDCOMM produces the essential components that allow OEMs to bring product to market quickly and easily. WIDCOMM software powers the products of the world's leading PC, semiconductor and handset manufacturing companies. And WIDCOMM's Bluetooth for Windows Software Suite has become the most widely used in the industry. WIDCOMM has transcended current wireless connectivity standards by solving key issues of interoperability, universal data exchange and security improvement.

Building on Bluetooth's basic function of cable-free collaboration and synchronization among personal devices, WIDCOMM's engineering team has propelled the technology to the next level. The real magic of Bluetooth lies in the concept of a personal area network (PAN) and ad hoc connectivity. Through Bluetooth's Discovery Service, PAN devices are capable of spontaneously joining into a network as they approach each other. This occurs only while the devices are in close proximity; the devices leave the network as distance increases.

WIDCOMM delivers turnkey solutions for application platforms, providing the advantages of wireless connectivity in any device. The company's expertise elevates Bluetooth technology from its simple purpose of cable replacement to the functionality and integration level of an operating system.

The company Hiep planned and built has become a master of wireless technology, actually graduating the wireless standard itself to the next level. Now WIDCOMM system software is poised to enable the next generation of wireless communication devices.

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