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Earned wages vs. government assistance savings that helps San Diego’s bottom line

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The Arc of San Diego is committed to working in partnership with people who are disabled and their families in creating opportunities to achieve their individual goals within the community.

Arc creates opportunities for the disabled to achieve their goals with community-based programs that cost less to operate than those run by the state.

Arc’s early intervention programs save money by working with young children to reduce the need for any future services.

The Arc of San Diego also transitions individuals with disabilities from their reliance on government subsidies by training them to become wage earners who contribute back to society. These individuals work in a wide variety of jobs throughout San Diego, such as food services at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and grounds maintenance for the Port of San Diego. They also work for private companies like Citibank, Rubio’s and Cox Communications.

On average The Arc of San Diego is saving California taxpayers more than $12 million each year. According to California’s 2004-2005 state budget, it costs about 15 times more each year for services in an institution than for community-based services. The average government cost annually to serve an individual in a developmental center is $213,239. In contrast, regional centers provide services for the disabled in the community that cost the state an average of $13,831 per person each year. Even those served in Arc’s group homes cost only $56,948 per person each year.

Arc’s Parent/Infant program offers early intervention programs for children from birth to 3 years old who have a developmental disability or are at risk for delay. Giving special attention to these children as a preventative measure has been successful in helping reduce and often times even eliminate their need for special services throughout their lives. By making an investment at a young age, Arc decreases the additional costs associated with education, health care and rehabilitation services.

The Arc of San Diego’s employment programs give those they serve an opportunity to give back to the community through their income and taxes. Last year, Arc consumers earned approximately $2.3 million. These individuals paid $282,627 in government taxes and Social Security contributions. Once they are earning wages, the need for government benefits, such as Social Security Income, Medicaid and food stamps is reduced or eliminated.

The Arc of San Diego offers community care with substantial financial savings.

However, there are additional benefits that cannot be measured in dollars. The impact Arc has on improving an individual’s quality of life, increasing self-sufficiency, and making their independence a reality creates a real difference in our community that is priceless.

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