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Arc San Diego Foundation launches capital campaign — ‘Building Toward Self-Sufficiency’

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The Arc San Diego Foundation board members are leading the effort to raise $3 million to construct a new building and establish an endowment fund for the Central San Diego Center.

“We are enthusiastic about the plans for the new facility,” said Ed Walton, foundation chairman. “The new facility will enable The Arc of San Diego to expand its exclusive services for children and adults with disabilities in this community.”

Faced with the challenge and expense of operating programs in aging and deteriorating building, The Arc has outlined a multiyear year plan for renovations or construction of facilities in the county. These capital improvements will enable the organization to continue to provide important services for people with disabilities in the community.

The Arc completed Phase I in 2001 with the purchase of land at the North Shores Center. Phase II, completed in 2004, renovated the building at 3080 Market St. at the Central San Diego Center. The center is located in a one of the lowest-income areas of the city. Thirty-one percent of the residents live below the poverty level, and only 45 percent meet the HUD median family income level of $27,248.

Phase III of the capital campaign, “Building Toward Self-Sufficiency,” continues critical work at this center. A new 16,000-square-foot building will be built with a community room, classrooms, garden and fountains, a meeting room and administrative building. The new facility will allow The Arc to substantially extend and improve the programs offered for consumers and their families. The Arc will be able to better serve consumers with limited mobility in the new facility by providing improved access to rooms throughout the building.

The Arc of San Diego depends on the generosity of the community for the capital projects. Although a number of services that are provided for consumers are subsidized, charitable donations are the only source of funds for acquisition, construction and maintenance of the buildings.

San Diego businesses and residents can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals through their tax-deductible contributions to the campaign. The Arc offers naming opportunities and recognition for those who contribute as our Community Partners. Recognition as a Community Partner begins with the Circle of Care gift at $250.

“Donations at all levels will give individuals or businesses the satisfaction of knowing they have impro ved the quality of life for persons with mental retardation and similar disabilities,” Walton said. “We invite all to join us in making a difference in our community.”

For more information and about the campaign, contact Jennifer Navarra at (858) 715-3780, ext. 109.

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