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Training young professionals key to future success

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Grubb & Ellis|BRE Commercial places a strong premium on training and developing its professionals. In addition to advanced education for its mid- to senior-level brokers, the company has also implemented a program for the next generation of brokers called Professional Career Training or PCT. This year's group includes first-year brokers, runners and researchers looking to transition into brokerage.

PCT's session format allows participants to perform in a leadership role and hone their presentation skills. Each session has a program leader, who acts as facilitator and coordinates the guest speaker, typically a senior broker or outside consultant asked to speak on a prearranged topic.

The remainder of the two-hour session involves five separate presentations given by the participants that include: a competitor review, discussion of market trends, review of a key client, an in depth look at a particular broker's area of responsibility and one of the company's competitive advantages. Over the one-year course, each person is responsible for one of each type of presentation.

"This program takes a real hands-on approach to education, training and leadership development," said Marc Doyle, Executive Vice President at Grubb & Ellis|BRE Commercial. "We feel it's more practical than just sitting in a classroom and is more applicable to serving our clients and the development of our brokers."

Training is invaluable for new brokers, but also important to the company's bottom line. Doyle noted that today's clients are requiring a greater degree of expertise with so many issues involved in each transaction.

"Brokers need to be well trained and confident, and understand the impact of a transaction on their clients' business," Doyle said. "Brokers add value as a trusted advisor and a broker that is on top of market trends, communicates well and is knowledgeable about the industry brings value to every transaction."

Because the sessions include people from a variety of market specialties and levels, everyone brings something different to the table. Katie Anderson, a new office specialist who likened PCT to a forum for sharing, said this enables brokers to become more well-rounded and gain knowledge in all facets of commercial real estate.

Another new professional, Keith Caldwell, believes that everyone benefits regardless of experience and gives the firm's brokers a competitive advantage.

PCT also encourages networking among participants and the camaraderie developed within is strengthened every day. Many of the participants rank that camaraderie as one of the most important aspect of the training.

This training, the company knows, will pay dividends in the near future. Sessions end with an evaluation of the program leaders and presenters so each receives immediate feedback. PCT's overall value is measured over a longer timeframe. The company watches how brokers progress in their post-training careers and takes into consideration client feedback, earnings and the broker's ultimate success to determine PCT's value.

Doyle admires the group's thirst for knowledge and passion for listening to peers, adding that showing up at 7:30 a.m. every other Friday shows a lot of dedication.

For more information about Grubb & Ellis|BRE Commercial, please visit www.brecommercial.com.

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