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Looking back on 2005

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In reflecting over the past year as President of the Commercial Realtors Association of San Diego County, so many thoughts come to mind, I find it difficult to succinctly summarize.


From the devastating affects of hurricanes and corruption trials (among other political "storms"), to the incredibly tenacious growth of San Diego's economy and its ranking as the "Best Region For Real Estate Investment" (for the first time in history!) in ULI's "Emerging Trends in Real Estate" study, 2005 will certainly not be soon forgotten.

The commercial real estate market has shown incredible strength during the year, predicted by no one I know, and journalists still routinely discuss a "bubble," as if only pressurized air and speculators supported the economy.

This, I believe, is not the case.

While serving as president of CRA -- the organization known as our "industry advocate and mouthpiece" -- I am honored to report that CRA is embracing the challenges that our industry faces, and we're making new inroads to finding realistic solutions.

I am gratified to have worked with so many professional and qualified colleagues. Many deserve public thanks, but space is short, so I'll have to thank you all individually in the coming months.

I have particularly deep appreciation for the effort and hours put in by the incoming president, Jim Taylor. Jim's experience, political savvy, and sense of humor have really been refreshing, and I'm so glad that he accepted the nomination as president-elect. I know he'll do a superb job in 2006.

I'll sum up my final thoughts for 2005 with a word: "Sanguinity." The national economy is good, the local economy is incredible, and our community of commercial real estate professionals is a powerful group with deep wells of experience and skills.

I've enjoyed my time as president and expect that the coming year will see increased networking and interaction between brokers that will provide fresh fuel to the real estate market. CRA is the premier forum for that interaction. Thank you for your support this year, and let's all be sanguine as we move into 2006!

-- Patricia Haulley GVA IPC 2005 Commercial Realtors Association San Diego President

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