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Base hit or home run -- real estate investment is Cracker Jack!

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Little League tryouts are just around the corner. Every kid is sleeping with their glove, practicing their swing and looking forward to that great American spring-time tradition: baseball.

Lee Mather Co. Realtors is Coronado's oldest independent real estate brokerage.

What does that have to do with real estate, you ask? Grab your hat and glove and join us as we play a little real estate baseball:

Batter up: First you need some capital to invest. This can come from a self-directed retirement fund or equity in your home. If you're like most San Diegans, your home has doubled in value since 2001.

Hit a single: Call you favorite Realtor (that would be Lee Mather Co. Realtors if you're in the market for a "coach") and have them find you a nice little duplex or fourplex in the metro San Diego area. With 20 percent down payment, your little property should pay for itself with rents collected.

Steal second and third: While your tenants are paying your mortgage payment, you will enjoy any increase in value. Did you get that? Equity gain through both debt reduction and appreciation.

Seventh inning stretch: If that weren't enough, Uncle Sam (and Uncle Arnold for that matter) offers tax advantages in the form of depreciation. Check with your tax advisor, but this can increase your gain and maximize your cash flow by reducing your taxes.

Any way you look at it, real estate investment is the next step for many people like you. If you want to hit one out of the park, all you need is a great coach, like Lee Mather Co. Realtors, and you're on your way!

Lee Mather Co. Realtors is Coronado's oldest independent real estate brokerage. Since 1953, we've been coaching buyers and sellers in San Diego on the benefits of real estate ownership. Give us a call or drop us a line. We're waiting for you call.

Lee Mather Co. Realtors is located at 944 Orange Ave. in Coronado. Send an e-mail to info@LeeMather.com.

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