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Chatter provides text messaging for those in need

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In the near future, all information will be on the tip of one's fingers -- from weather reports and stock quotes to the health and well-being of loved ones. This instantaneous communication is what drove David Raine to create Chatter Inc., a text-messaging communications company based out of San Marcos.

"I have a lot of motivation with the mobile market, with the possibility of managing a mobile market" said David Raine, founder and CEO, about his desire to create Chatter in 2003. The company was incorporated in 2004.

The company's most recent success has been the creation of FamiliesFirst Alerts, a text-messaging service to be used by schools to alert parents in emergency situations.

"Sales are going through the roof," said Chatter sales director Tim Mosolino. FamiliesFirst fit right in with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's recent mandate that all schools must have an emergency preparation plan notification service. According to Mosolino, the families First program "meets and exceeds" the criteria presented by the department.

Chatter also has helped schools locate and solicit the funds needed to meet federal requirements.

A similar program to FamiliesFirst is Dr. Txt, a messaging system that sends out appointment notifications, hospital alerts and medication reminders.

"(We reduce the) stamps and paper produced by going completely digital," Mosolino said.

Currently, Raine and the Chatter development team are developing an all-specific tool that would allow for a greater ratio of broadcast messages by incorporating several means of communication in a portal that would link mobile phones, computers, iPods and other multimedia wireless devices.

"We (would be) able to do more for a lot less," he said.

Raine expects Chatter to rake in about $25 million in revenue this year.

The company has won several awards, including Wired magazine's 2005 Best Technology Award, the 2006 SAIC Technology award and the Most Innovative Product Award from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2004.

For now, Raine wants to keep in mind whom his customers are, and focus on the important services his company provides.

"We get too focused on our objective and forget that there's people waiting outside our door."

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