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Consulting firm offers one-stop shopping for clients’ needs

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Wanting to provide an unprecedented array of services not being offered by other consulting firms, Allen Barron Inc. co-founders Janathan L. Allen, Esq. and tech-savvy executive Richard C. Barron decided their resources were stronger together rather than apart.

“We wanted to be able to create a more integrated approach to solving issues for companies,” said Allen, who explains their intent stemmed from clients not understanding the integration of the legal, the accounting and the tax occurring within their own business.

Allen Barron Inc. was founded in 1995 as a one-source, tri-professional firm specifically structured to handle such integration. According to Allen, there isn’t a written legal contract that doesn’t have an accounting and/or tax implication. Eventually, clients will be faced with each of these areas. Problems arise when they have a CPA, an attorney and a consultant. Rather than being able to see the entire picture, these individuals can only see what is in their parameter of expertise. And when separate solutions end up at odds with one another, the business owner is left with a decision as to which consultant to choose based on that information.

To the contrary, and quite deliberately, Allen Barron Inc. analyzes a client’s entire entity perspective with risk mitigation as well as tax minimization strategies.

“We want to climb out of the box and be able to assist our clients in fashioning solutions that are unique and advantageous to them, not just a cookie-cutter approach,” Allen said. “We’re an experienced firm; we have a lot of expertise in this office; we provide an integrated solution and at — we think — when you sum it altogether, likely at a far more competitive rate than the solutions they are now using.”

Not surprisingly, Allen expects nothing less when it comes to Allen Barron Inc.’s own business needs. Seeking the very same integration of customer service recently led them to switching from a big bank to USA Federal Credit Union.

“We were looking for a bank that has the ability to go back and recognize small business needs and assist us as a small business because our goal is to grow,” Allen said. “The same issues that my own clients face, I face as a business owner as well; any way you cut and define small business — if you’re a small business owner, you are generally overlooked by major banks.”

Allen tips her hat specifically to Vice President of Business Services and Development, Jennifer Ventimiglia, who joined USA Federal Credit Union to develop and launch the business banking division. Ventimiglia agrees with Allen’s philosophies and says, “We too see the value in not taking the usual cookie-cutter approach when it comes to our business members. We offer a wide variety of products and services designed to fit the needs of both small and large businesses while taking a customized approach with each one of our members to come up with a solution that best fits their needs.”

And Allen certainly isn’t keeping USA Federal Credit Union all to herself — she also looks to them for her own clients.

“I have clients that have unique needs, businesses that have great cash flow, good little businesses that want to go out and they want to buy a building, but a big bank says, ‘you can’t do this without 20 percent-30 percent down,’ but maybe, there’s a different solution that the credit union can provide,” Allen said.

Janathan Allen can be reached at 866-493-5400 or by visiting www.allenbarron.com; USA Federal Credit Union has branches throughout San Diego County, Riverside County and in Las Vegas. For more information call 800-220-1872 or visit www.usafedcu.org.

Chappell is a San Diego-based freelance writer.

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