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1st Pacific Bank creates results

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1st Pacific Bank of California continues to make its mark on the business banking landscape in San Diego. In just six years, the bank has expanded its branch network to five offices and is nearing $300 million in assets. This impressive performance has not gone unnoticed. The bank's honors include being named California's "Top De Novo Bank" by The Findley Reports and a "Workplace Excellence" award from Peter Barron Stark & Associates Inc.

President and CEO A. Vincent Siciliano credits the bank's success with a simple but powerful philosophy.

"We maintain focus on three key areas -- people, relationships and significant results," Siciliano said. "That, simply put, guides our business."

The relationship between a business owner and a business banker is one of the most vital aspects of the health and future of a business. Ideally, your banking relationship will be as long-standing as your business and will serve you through the years as your business thrives and grows.

As a locally owned and operated institution, 1st Pacific Bank has attracted the best banking talent in the region who understand San Diego and the elements that make running a business here a unique challenge and opportunity.

The following questions can help you evaluate whether you are currently in a banking relationship that is optimal for your business:

* Does your banker know your business well? Your banker should have a firm grasp on your business, your products or services, and how you fit in the competitive landscape of your industry.

* Does your banker know where you want your business to be in five years? Planning for the future is important when determining the growth and direction of a business; your banker should have a feel for your business outlook, growth opportunities and challenges.

* Does your banker know your key financial information by heart and how your business makes a profit? Your banker should understand how cash flows through your business, how profits are produced and how existing or expected cash flow will service any business debt you have.

* Does your banker know your business's critical success factors? Your banker should know what conditions will make your business flourish and grow, and he or she should have ideas about how to optimize your success.

* Does your banker know your business's internal strengths and weaknesses? Being acquainted with your business's internal tendencies, faults and areas of improvement is vital to managing a business; your banker should be an expert in this area.

* Does your banker know your lawyer and accountant's first name? It has been said that your accountant, attorney and banker can act as a kind of board of directors, offering guidance and expertise. This team of professional service providers should work well with you and each other.

To learn more about relationship banking with 1st Pacific Bank, call (858) 875-2005 or visit www.1stpacbank.com.

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