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New research facility opening signifies SKCC's ongoing commitment to region

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The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) has announced the opening on Nov. 9 of a new $24 million research center on its 10-acre campus on Torrey Pines Mesa. The completion of this new research building already has made possible the completion of two new strategic recruitments and the expansion of the center's cancer cell biology drug development programs.

"This new research space will make it possible for SKCC to expand its pipeline of new cancer treatments, some of which will reach phase I clinical testing in the next nine months," said Dr. Albert B. Deisseroth, SKCC's president and CEO.

SKCC's world-class research campus is in the heart of San Diego's most concentrated biotech and research region. The new 90,000-square-foot science research building will have more than 71,000 square feet devoted to science research space, including 54 lab research benches, research equipment rooms and a seminar/conference center. Architect on the project is Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker. The project's general contracting firm is Rudolph and Sletten, and SKCC's project manager is John Kavanagh of Kavanagh Associates.

"Our new building is a confirmation of SKCC's belief that San Diego is an enabling environment in which the convergence of the academic and business sectors and our partnership with Sharp HealthCare has made possible the fulfillment of our mission of developing less toxic and more effective cancer treatments," Deisseroth said.

"Since the founding of the SKCC 15 years ago, the center has committed itself to investing its resources in discovery efforts that lead to new cancer diagnostics and therapeutics," Deisseroth continued. "We are grateful to be in San Diego where we can access the best in technology and business expertise in order to accelerate the delivery of new treatment opportunities for cancer patients all over the world. We are in a race against time, and the infrastructure available in San Diego will enable us to get our drugs into the clinic in the shortest possible time."

Funding for the construction of SKCC's new building is based on tax-exempt funding from San Diego County, which was backed by Bank of America. Last summer, the center completed a $3 million campaign to meet a $5 million match pledge by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation and $3 million by citizens of San Diego to fund SKCC's recruitment and drug development activities.

Funded through the philanthropic efforts of Sidney Kimmel, the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research is a subsidiary of the Sidney Kimmel Foundation, which was formed in 1993. Sidney Kimmel has dedicated his life to helping to find containment, if not a cure, for cancer, the second largest cause of death in the United States. To this end, the foundation funds research at several hospitals and laboratories as well as awarding sizable grants to young doctors and scientists on the verge of important breakthroughs in the field of oncology.

Kimmel's Foundation for Cancer Research is dedicated to improving the understanding of cancer biology and to developing new methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer. It principally supports the programs of cancer institutions and individuals that emphasize basic cancer research, the rapid translation of scientific concepts into preventative and potential therapeutic applications and clinical research with novel or innovative treatment technologies.

For more information, visit www.skcc.org.

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