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A tribute to 120 people who helped shape San Diego

We pay tribute to 120 of San Diego’s most influential people who helped shape our city, our neighborhoods and the region. From what was once a sleepy beach/military town to what has become one of the epicenters of leading technology and biotechnology companies, San Diego is a robust economic region because of the entrepreneurial spirit of these leaders.

While many community leaders, elected members and everyday citizens have played a role in shaping San Diego, these men and women are standouts in the crowd. Their achievements stand as a testimony to the progress we have made as a city.

Now, it’s time to look forward. To build on past successes, learn from errors and enter into a new contract with the citizens of this city and the businesses that create the economic vitality we enjoy to develop strong communities and strong leaders. An ambitious goal, but one our residents expect and, as leaders in the business community, we should strive to achieve.

So we will work to make San Diego a center of opportunity and enterprise; with active citizens and flourishing businesses, supported by civic leaders such as these 120 who set a leading edge example in terms of community leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

We thank these San Diegans for paving the way. Their drive, focus, innovation, can-do attitude and self-determination inspire all of us to move forward to build an even more vibrant and successful San Diego.

We look forward to the next generation of leaders who are inspired by these 120. Our city’s new entreprenuers include builders, artists, authors, Internet specialists, scientists and more. San Diego is the perfect incubator for the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s now time to decide what comes next. It’s an exciting moment. So plan your journey; focus your efforts and move forward!

Submitted by Barney & Barney LLC

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