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In 2007, it's all about the tenant

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Many in the commercial real estate industry believe the current cycle has peaked and will begin to level off in 2007. The results of several recent surveys of industry executives indicate that the unrestrained appreciation in commercial property investments that marked the last decade is coming to a halt.


As the market stabilizes and financing becomes more difficult to obtain in the face of a slowing economy, commercial real estate investors are changing their attitude when it comes to their assets. Instead of hoping to make a fast profit, they are increasingly recognizing their commercial property assets as long-term, income-generating investments. Effective asset management and property operating performance will be key to maximizing returns on their investments.

In this new era of commercial real estate, hiring the right service provider to properly manage their buildings is becoming increasingly crucial for property owners. The days of choosing a provider because it boasts a hefty amount of square feet under management or paying less for a property manager with a "one size fits all" approach to serving owners and tenants are over. Savvy property owners are doing their homework and shopping for a firm that understands the nature of top-quality customer service and has the talent, resources, knowledge and experience to deliver it.

"Meissner Jacquet has never been about hiring managers who are simply order-takers or need to refer to a manual to figure out how to help a customer," said Jerry Jacquet, principal of Meissner Jacquet Investment Management Services. "Our firm is flexible and adept at drawing on our vast property experience. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of service in a timely, consistent and proactive fashion."

Owners are not the only ones undergoing a shift in their attitudes toward commercial property and how it is managed. Tenants are also becoming more discriminating about the buildings they lease, and expecting more from property managers. More than 67 percent of today's tenants consider the overall quality and level of service they receive from their building's property management team as significant factors when making a decision to renew their lease, according to a recent survey conducted by CEL & Associates Inc. Instead of seeing buildings as cold, lifeless structures, tenants are increasingly viewing them as vibrant workplace environments and destinations.

"Meissner Jacquet's business philosophy has always been to put our tenants first and to form enduring relationships with them by continually providing them with a level of service that goes above and beyond what's expected and is tailored to their individual needs," stated Jacquet. "Our tenants are our greatest asset, and without them, we wouldn't be in business."

To provide tenants with its trademark service, Meissner Jacquet has cultivated a sophisticated and knowledgeable asset management team with a diverse range of finely honed property management skill sets. In addition to possessing solid backgrounds in commercial real estate, the firm's staff members draw on expertise in areas that include business, property operations, construction management, building engineering and compliance to provide owners and tenants with the intelligent guidance, advice and solutions they need to ensure maximum performance from their assets. Perhaps most importantly, Meissner Jacquet employees blend an ability to think outside the box with a strong dedication to customer service.

"Today more than ever, it's essential that property managers provide owners, tenants and other stakeholders with a level of service that not only maintains the value of a building, but enhances it and adds value for all parties," explained Jacquet. "You have to be equipped to respond effectively to tenant requests in a prompt, professional manner -- night or day, seven days a week."

To learn how you can take advantage of Meissner Jacquet's exceptional customer service and improve the performance of your commercial property assets in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and Imperial counties, contact Jerry Jacquet at (858) 373-1130 or jerryj@meissnerjacquet.com.

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