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Pre-hospital care: Caregiver training saves lives

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As new technologies and treatment options continue to change health care, the importance of ongoing training for paramedics and emergency medical technicians has become a critical element in providing quality pre-hospital care.

With operations in over 250 locations in 36 states, no one understands this fact better than American Medical Response (AMR). AMR is dedicated to using the most current and effective tools to ensure the communities and people we serve receive the finest care available, and our 60-year history providing medical aid in San Diego County has been marked by excellence in clinical initiatives.

AMR's ability to supply top quality patient care and clinical responsiveness has most recently been advanced by our latest development, the Training in Motion program. The foundation of Training in Motion is a fully equipped ambulance that houses SimMan, an interactive medical training mannequin. AMR is unique in our pairing of SimMan with an ambulance to create a mobile training center for our field care providers and those of our partner fire agencies throughout San Diego County. While using medical mannequins for educational purposes is becoming more common through the emergency medical services (EMS) industry, we believe there is greater benefit developing training scenarios that more closely resemble the common work environment of an ambulance than a controlled classroom environment can provide.

SimMan is a mannequin that presents the most realistic scenarios that an EMS field provider might encounter. AMR's research determined SimMan to be the most advanced, high-fidelity, computerized emergency simulator available. It interacts with the provider, and its condition changes according to the applied treatment. By providing simulation-based education, the Training in Motion program challenges and tests caregivers' clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care situations. Further, SimMan can be programmed with almost infinite medical problems. SimMan has also been effective in training personnel in tough scenarios that may be encountered in the field but have otherwise been impossible to duplicate. Training in Motion allows our personnel to perfect their skills on SimMan, so they can save lives on the streets.

The mobility of the Training in Motion ambulance also allows for on-site learning at AMR paramedic stations and at stations of our partner fire agencies to best fit essential education into the nonconventional 12-hour and 24-hour shifts frequently worked by EMS professionals. Because our emergency medical technicians and paramedics work extremely close with fire agency First Responders, the availability of shared education is a highlight of Training in Motion.

AMR is proud to offer Training in Motion as our latest initiative to provide the highest quality clinical care to our patients. People's lives depend on us, and we remain committed to improving the health of San Diegans as we have for over 60 years.

To learn more about Training in Motion or AMR, visit amr-sandiego.com.

Submitted by Michael Murphy, general manager of American Medical Response San Diego

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