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Jobsite cleanliness ensures safety

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Tenant improvement construction projects, whether small, medium or large, can have a major impact on a building, especially buildings with multiple tenants. The cleanliness of the site is not only an aesthetic issue but a safety issue as well. Job sites must be cleaned daily to ensure not only the safety of the workers, but also the safety of clients visiting the site to check on the progress.

Many tenant improvement construction firms rely on subcontractors to keep the project clean. Though the majority of subcontractors have good intentions of cleaning up after themselves, for many different reasons the cleaning does not get done and the project is cluttered with debris and drywall dust that migrates to common building areas.

The general contractor is responsible for the process and completion of a project. This includes the site maintenance both within the suite and through out areas of the building affected by the construction. The general contractor should have in-house personnel whose primary responsibility is site maintenance and job site cleanliness. These employees should be equipped with the proper tools, carts and cleaning supplies to maintain the site. There are many products available now to keep the job site clean and protect existing finishes.

Punch list completion

Dowling Construction is known for its timely completion of a minimal punch list. We accomplish this by using our in-house labor staff to complete the minor repairs needed prior to the final walk-through.

Most construction companies will insist that the subcontractor return to the project to repair an item damaged during the construction phase. This process often results in back charges, cumbersome paper work and time added to the final completion of the project.

While using our in-house labor does add cost to our projects' overhead, we feel the timely completion of a project is worth the cost.

Submitted by Jim Dowling, president of Dowling Construction Inc.

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