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TechTIPS takes UCSD innovations to the public

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University of California, San Diego's Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Services (TechTIPS), established in 1994, manages UCSD's intellectual property. Through proper stewardship of university intellectual property and innovations, TechTIPS facilitates the transfer of UCSD innovations for the public benefit; enhances the research and education experience of the UCSD community; promotes and targets economic development by leveraging UCSD innovations; and provides incentives to researchers to stimulate technological innovations.

TechTIPS matches academic innovations to business partners that are most suited to commercialize specific technologies. While serving and protecting the interests of the university and its researchers, TechTIPS actively markets available technologies with the goal of finding corporate partners to share in the risks and benefits of commercializing early-stage technologies.

From over $700 million in extra-mural research funding per year, UCSD researchers generate over 300 innovations annually. The School of Medicine, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Center and Division of Biological Sciences exhibit UCSD's strength in the health sciences sector by contributing significantly to this large portfolio with more than 60 percent of the innovations being life sciences/biomedical technologies.

In recent fiscal years, over 70 licenses were granted annually to commercialize life sciences and physical sciences technologies. As part of our technology transfer mission, TechTIPS prefers to license technologies to local businesses to promote regional economic development. In some cases, licenses are granted as the founding technology of newly formed companies, creating new jobs and attracting venture capital to our region. To date, more than 100 startup companies have been formed with licensed innovations from the TechTIPS office.

TechTIPS organizes seminars and workshops to educate the university community on intellectual property and technology transfer, and networking events to promote university and industry interactions. In addition, TechTIPS co-sponsors entrepreneurial/networking events, such as a startup bootcamp conference and an innovators' showcase, that are open to the business community. Recently, to promote the licensing of university technologies, TechTIPS has supported a $50K Business Plan Competition organized by university students.

For companies in search of new technologies, TechTIPS has more than 1,400 innovations available for licensing. In the biomedical/biotech area, the technologies include: therapeutics and pharmaceuticals, delivery systems, diagnostics, medical devices and research reagents and tools. A listing of available technologies can be found on the TechTIPS Web site at invent.ucsd.edu.

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