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EcoBeams saving tomorrow's forests today

The PCF Group's eco-friendly faux wood beams are continuing to meet the large demand for green building products that require natural-looking textures with real wood stain colors. Unlike polyurethane plastic beams produced from molds that are identical to each other, PCF's are distinctively handcrafted for authenticity with no two beams alike -- just like Mother Nature intended.

As an environmentally responsible fabricator of faux timber, PCF uses a minimum of 30 percent recycled content in its lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core. The EPS is CFC and HCFC free and does not adversely affect indoor air quality. Unlike wood, EPS foam is mold resistant, dimensionally stable and does not expand or contract. Just as important to PCF as to what goes into the beams, the foam byproduct when fabricating the beams is 100 percent recycled and used in making beautiful, ornate picture frames. EcoBeams are made from a "solid" EPS foam core that is easily adhered to the ceiling substrate with common construction adhesive. Molded beams produced by others are hollow or U-shaped and must have additional hardware and mounting strips first applied to the ceiling then glued and nailed from the sides to hold in place. Nail holes are filled and then touched up with color, making the additional tasks timely to install compared to PCF's beams. There are also huge installation savings compared to using real, heavy wood beams. One does not have to acquire the additional posts and hardware and tie into the wall structure, let alone undergo the cumbersome lifting, hoisting or in some cases craning into position.

EcoBeams are an ideal choice for building design innovation. Clients can order most any size and length due to PCF's unique fabrication process. This process truly allows a designer or contractor to order what they want rather than select from predetermined generic sizes usually determined by mold process constraints. Components also can be made to assemble and replicate trusses, vega logs, rafter tails and corbels. PCF has introduced four styles for clients to choose from: smooth, standard raised grain, rustic and a vintage timber beam with cracks. The beams can be ordered unfinished, but most clients save time and money by selecting a real wood water-based stain color and have them factory finished. PCF also offers custom color matching to flooring or cabinetry.

As an added bonus, PCF is the only faux beam fabricator to date that has undergone the strict fire testing of beams. EcoBeams have been individually tested in a mockup room setting and passed the stringent 15-minute UL 1715 and UBC 26-3 Room Corner Fire Test. Though not yet a fire code requirement for residential building, it is essential for commercial interior environments.

Visit www.fauxtimber.com or call (888) 511-3626 to learn why builders and designers are using PCF's eco-friendly timber beams in their projects.

Submitted by The PCF Group

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