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Reno president nominated to Associated General Contractor's board of directors

Joining the Peace Corps in 1976 began Walt Fegley's deep commitment to service and a work ethic steeped in personal dignity and hard work. While with the corps, Walt worked in Africa before ultimately advancing to a position with the World Bank, building homes and schools in West Africa. Returning to the United States in the early 1980s, Fegley moved to the West Coast, where he worked in construction and completed his education.

In 1989 he joined Matt Reno just as Reno was establishing Reno Contracting, a company founded on the philosophy shared by both men: Treat your people right, be honest in your dealings, respect your subcontractors and be the best you can in the business you know so well. "Though we have different personalities, our philosophy, moral standards and beliefs are the same," Fegley said. "Matt was a visionary from the very beginning, back in 1989. Though we have diverse opinions on subjects, our similar philosophical outlook is what made it work."

Walt Fegley

CEO Matt Reno has consistently relied upon Reno President Fegley's reputation in the construction industry, his abilities and integrity to help Reno attain its current position of success. Most recently, as a member of the San Diego Chapter of the Associated General Contractors' Executive Committee, Fegley has been nominated to the AGC board of directors, a prestigious position he will hold for five years.

"My strengths lie on the people side," Fegley said. "I think things out, examine my options, evaluate the situation and make solid decisions."

He is constantly reviewing the company's performance and meets with Reno regularly to review the processes that keep the company on track -- and make changes as they become necessary.

"We have the strongest group of engineers and field supervisors -- people who can build anything -- and we're continually refining our systems and procedures to assure our customers get the finest result we can produce," Fegley said.

For the past five years, Reno Contracting has been pushing in the direction of green construction, training managers, supervisors and engineers to become LEED-accredited professionals.

"Green is the smart way to build because it benefits businesses and cuts costs on a long-term scale," Fegley said. "And on a personal level, the stewardship of green construction just makes sense."

Today, Reno Contracting is the fifth-largest construction firm in San Diego, a company whose philosophy of service and integrity continues to guide its projects. Looking ahead, Fegley noted that Reno Contracting's presence in the Inland Empire continues its steady growth as the firm continues into its second decade of service and strong relationships with building partners.

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