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SB&O civil engineering and land surveying celebrates 40 years of success

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SB&O has been side-by-side with local homebuilders for 40 years, through the good times and the not so good times. For the past 20 years, SB&O has supported a clientele that is predominantly developers and homebuilders. Due to long-standing relationships, and the intrinsic value that working with people for long periods of time brings, SB&O is able to continue to assist clients during economic change.

President and CEO Peter "Randy" Safino states, "We know our clients, we know what to expect during economic climate fluctuations, and can therefore anticipate our clients' needs and help them maneuver through the economic changes. We tailor our services to assist our clients in meeting their goals, whether they are in a growth pattern or a slow period. From experience, we are confident the economy is bouncing back, and the local environment will once again turn positive for developers and homebuilders."

Through a 40-year long learning curve, SB&O Inc. has mastered the art of adaptability. Mentoring, education, stewardship and teamwork have all combined to help staff master the art of flexibility, providing an invaluable service to clients -- for whom success is dependent upon an ability to quickly maneuver through fluctuating markets and a constantly evolving myriad of development requirements.

SB&O's Scripps Highlands is a new 58-acre, single-family residential development containing 159 lots.

Since 1967, SB&O has built a reputation on unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction, reliant upon long-term staff members who possess a keen awareness of the project development processes unique to Southern California municipalities.

SB&O expanded into the Inland Empire Region beginning in 1998, and currently has satellite offices in Ontario and Temecula. The corporate office continues to serve the greater San Diego County area.

SB&O provides a well-diversified range of services, as evidenced by these representative residential projects:

¥ EastLake Woods & Vistas: New development consisting of approximately 2,000 single-family residences, about 40 acres of multifamily residential units, 17 acres of parks, 12 acres of common public facilities, two schools, a hotel, a commercial area and a fire station.

¥ The Summit at EastLake: New development providing 600 residential condominium dwelling units on approximately 54 acres. Project amenities include a 1.3-acre central recreation area and several other minor recreation and/or passive common areas. Units available.

¥ Skyline Hills: New condominium development on approximately 5.2 acres, consisting of 22 buildings with three condominium units per building, and a recreation lot. Units available.

¥ Scripps Highlands: New 58-acre, single-family residential development containing 159 lots. The project site contains approximately 25 acres of natural open space.

¥ The Cove: New development located in the city of San Jacinto, within Riverside County. The 250-acre site is divided into five separate development tracts. The project consists of approximately 450 single-family residential units with lots ranging in size from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet. Project amenities include a 14-acre school site, a 7-acre park, three tot-lot parks, one paseo park, and several pocket and linear parks. Units available.

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