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Judith Enns

Enns finds HR solutions in human relationships

The "R" in HR could stand for many words for Judith Enns, HR Solutions executive vice-president: providing resources for employees, building relationships and providing reliable employees to clients are all part of her focus as she speaks to the world of human resources.

"I'm the kind of person who seeks information; I like to know," Enns said. She also values connectedness. Whenever someone's name or company comes to mind, she contacts them -- whether it be via card, e-mail or call -- because she is always trying to foster relationships.

Enns developed HR Solutions, a division of the Eastridge Group of staffing companies, in 1990 because she saw a need for a business exclusively dedicated to providing human resource services.

Now, Enns takes flight three to four times a month to visit HR Solutions offices in Newport Beach, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area. She is also on the speaking circuit, where she sends out her message of developing strong relationships in HR and serving as a provider of information and support.

"If you're going to be in a market for a long time, then you better be sure your relationships and integrity are at all times solid," Enns said.

For the past 18 months, Enns has been speaking about "employee engagement" -- tactics for companies to build loyalty among employees and reduce turnover. She said managers should give positive feedback to employees and foster a relationship -- rather than just give an employee-of-the-month parking space once a year.

Enns also studies generations at work. With employees retiring later and new college grads entering the work force, 20-something generation Ys can be managing baby boomers. Issues arise as ages mix in a workplace, and Enns focuses on teaching HR professionals how to take the lead on turning generation gaps into a positive work force.

Enns gives presentations across the country, and travel seems to suit her. After receiving her doctorate in communications from Ohio State University, she taught in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Virgin Islands, Philippines, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon and California.

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