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DSDP partnerships and benefits

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Transit Pass Program -- As our downtown is growing more and more, so is the need for public transportation. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provides fantastic services to many who work, but do not live in our downtown. By purchasing passes through the Partnership, a business can receive a significant discount on monthly passes for its employees. This year we are distributing around 1,000 passes monthly to hotels and businesses in the area. For more information contact James Hesselgesser at jhesselgesser@downtownsandiego.org or (619) 234-0201.

Cal Tax Group -- Cal Tax Group Inc. acts as a specialized tax-consulting firm for businesses located within state targeted revitalization zones. As a business in downtown San Diego, there is a good chance your company is eligible for thousands of dollars in tax refunds based on city and state economic development programs, and we encourage you to pursue these due benefits. Our partnership with this company has been, and continues to be, a great service to many of our members. Contact Brendan Foote at bfoote@caltaxgroup.com or (858) 412-6078 to learn more.

Downtown San Diego Street Banner Program -- Each day thousands of people travel through the streets of downtown San Diego, the heart of the city. Downtown is the core of commerce, entertainment, arts and culture, and government for this region of 2.5 million people, and the Downtown San Diego Street Banner Program provides a unique and highly visible marketing tool to capture a large audience. Street banners are a colorful and highly effective method of communicating information and creating awareness for important civic and cultural events, celebrations and conventions. The Downtown San Diego Street Banner Program, administered by the Downtown San Diego Partnership, offers eligible groups the opportunity to showcase banners along several key thoroughfares. The program is highly popular, with some dates being reserved as much as three years in advance. It is recommended that interested banner programs contact the Partnership at least a year in advance to reserve space. For more Information visit www.dtsd.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/about.abt_pp.

Education Task Force -- Partnership board member Nancy Scull from Luce Forward and Partnership President Barbara Warden have been active members of the Education Task Force, held monthly at Centre City Development Corp. Nancy Scull has volunteered as chair of the Community Outreach Subcommittee, which has included discussions on the Museum School, issues on the merge between Washington Elementary and Harborside, branding, marketing and fundraising ideas for all schools in Downtown. Future goals of the committee are to develop an appropriate message and understand the overall needs of education in downtown San Diego.

Informational Directories/Maps -- The Partnership produces several directories throughout the year: the Business Improvement District Directory highlights all of downtown San Diego's fine businesses; the Membership Directory details all of the more than 300 members of the Downtown San Diego Partnership; the Social Services Directory is a useful tool listing all of our social service providers and emergency/non-emergency contacts. We also have a simple map of downtown San Diego, as well as a soon to be updated 2008 Art Map.

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