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How did they do that?

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As one of the judges for this competition, I reviewed the many nominations submitted to The Daily Transcript for San Diego Legal Secretaries. I couldn't help but marvel at the working relationships each has with his or her boss. The words of praise were amazing. The bosses portrayed such respect -- and downright awe -- of the skills, work attitude and ethic displayed by their secretaries. They spend many hours each week side by side with their legal assistants, giving instructions, directions and -- quite obviously -- praise. And they took the time to say so in the form of a public nomination.

The bosses, too, should also be pleased that their secretary is recognized as being among the best. After all, the best efforts are put forth in an environment where people make working together an enjoyable experience. It is an honor to assist someone who truly appreciates the skills, attention to detail, concern and forethought exhibited by a worthy secretary. It is that very basic appreciation that makes a workday feel worthwhile.

As president of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association, I am responsible for publishing an article in our monthly newsletter. For the column this time, I have adopted the theme, "You've got to have heart." It means having "that little something extra that makes it fun to work together, play together and benefit those in need." I believe it encompasses our group's efforts, because our goals are to further education and to support a charity. The honorees recognized today by The Daily Transcript already know and portray that attitude on a daily basis.

To them, I say: I know how you did it. You naturally put forth your best efforts in everything you do -- from getting dressed in the morning, to answering the telephone with a smile, to providing the perfectly prepared documents before your boss asks for them. You epitomize the meaning of "professional" in how you treat other people and the quality of your work product. My hat is off to you. I am very pleased you have found a wonderful work environment and a boss who recognizes you as outstanding in your chosen career. Congratulations on being named one of San Diego's top legal secretaries.

Sones is the office manager for Mazzarella Caldarelli LLP, a member of the Association of Legal Administrators and current president of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association.

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