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Success stories provide hope for pain-free future

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David Kay, 62, had surfed almost every day of his life until his hip became so stiff and

painful he was no longer able to participate in the sport he so dearly loved. Also

suffering from pain and stiffness in his lower back, Kay feared he would have to have a

hip replacement as his father had.

"I wanted to use holistic healing as opposed to drugs and surgery," he said. "I joined

The Sporting Club and was using swimming in hopes of rehabilitating my hip. I began

working with a personal trainer, Tyler Bell, who helped me focus on range of motion,

strengthening and stretching exercises."

The Sporting Club is a high-end health and fitness facility, designed to help members

keep body, mind and spirit strong and healthy. Located in the Hyatt Aventine complex,

just off Interstate 5, the 50,000-square-foot club offers a wide array of health and

fitness options and amenities, including group exercise classes; outdoor heated lap pool

and tennis courts; a full-service day spa with Jacuzzi; wet and dry saunas and an

organic café and juice bar.

"What's different about the way the trainers work at The Sporting Club," said personal

trainer Bell, "is that we don't throw people onto weight machines and start pushing

right away. We do a thorough evaluation first and really work to open up and align tight

or problem areas before we start strength training."

"After nine months we were seeing some gradual improvement, but my hip was responding

slower than we wanted," said Kay. "Tyler referred me to Dr. Valletta and even

accompanied me to the appointment."

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Damion J. Valletta took X-rays, did an exam and diagnosed Kay

with an overly tight hip capsule. Valletta advised Bell on designing a rehab program for

Kay's condition and also sent him to Kate Grace for physical therapy.

"I was very impressed with Dr. Valletta," Kay said. "He spent a lot of time manipulating

my hip and was not pushing surgery at all. He listened to me and took a slower


Kay decided not to take the prescription drug Celebrex, used to treat pain and

inflammation, and instead, with diet and supplements, worked with the acid alkaline

balance in his body. A higher alkaline level means less pain with arthritis-like


"My physical therapist coordinated my treatment program with my trainer, who went with

me to physical therapy on several occasions," Kay said.

Kay's therapy consisted of hip capsule mobilizations, manual hip traction, deep tissue

massage to his hip flexors and extensive strengthening of the surrounding musculature,

according to Grace. Bell also created a strengthening program for the muscles and

tendons around Kay's hip capsules.

"It was a great advantage for his therapist to be able to communicate with his trainer

in order to better plan his therapy," Grace added.

"After four months of physical therapy and two years of training session, my pain and

stiffness are gone. I am now surfing again," Kay said. "I feel great and have a renewed

confidence in my strength and flexibility."

"I owe a lot to this rehab program and especially Tyler at The Sporting Club. If he had

not really cared about my recovery I would still be on the shore watching other surfers

and in constant pain," he said.

The Sporting Club boasts an expert, friendly staff committed to helping members achieve

their personal fitness goals. For more information, visit sportingclub.com or call (858)


Amado is a media relations and PR consultant with Media Arts.


¥ More than 100 million people suffer from chronic pain related to a previous injury or

an ongoing condition.

¥ At least 45 percent of Americans will seek treatment for persistent pain. Chronic

pain can be caused by many factors including aging, nerve damage and injuries that fail

to heal properly.

¥ More than 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back injury. Exercise has come to

be a prescribed part of treatment for patients with pain. Because there is a known link

between many types of chronic pain and tense, weak muscles, even light to moderate

exercise such as walking or swimming can improve blood and oxygen flow to muscles.

Exercise has been proven to help many people with low back pain.

¥ Six million people visit orthopedic surgeons annually. Injuries most often occur

during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks or home projects.

¥ Physical therapy and rehabilitation date back to the ancient practice of using

physical techniques and methods such as heat, cold, exercise, massage and manipulation

in the treatment of certain conditions. These may be applied to increase function,

control pain and speed the patient toward full recovery.

¥ Sports injuries are common. Sprains, strains, bruises, dislocations and fractures are

well-known in the sports world. The most frustrating part of sports injuries is they can

often leave you side-lined indefinitely.

Source: webmd.com

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