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T.B. Penick: Contracting for customer satisfaction

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The cliché "no risk, no reward" has rung true for one established San Diego based contractor. T.B. Penick & Sons has grown with its customers through the pursuit of a diversity of offerings like collaborative design-build activities, "green construction" and safety practices, in order to ensure high customer satisfaction. This has proven rewarding, since the business has nearly doubled from $70 million in 2004 to an estimated $135 million in 2008 and employs 450 employees with office locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario and Ohio.

T.B. Penick (www.tbpenick.com) is divided into three specialized company divisions. The first is Structural Concrete, merging structural engineering and design-building techniques for mid- and high-rise buildings. The second is General Construction, i.e., contracting for commercial and public buildings, particularly schools, churches, military structures, retail spaces, police buildings and more. The third is Innovative Concrete Systems. This division has become established as a "go-to" company within the decorative industry, with architectural concrete finish products, many of which have been patented or are patent pending.

The company's success has a foundation of collaboration.

"It's all about good and thorough preconstruction, effective design and good execution," says Tim Penick, president of T.B. Penick and Sons. Because the company uses structural engineers to assist customers with their construction needs, it is able to work collaboratively with the client to create performance specifications that optimize the overall project. At all stages of construction, productivity levels, costs and aesthetics are closely monitored and reviewed in order to meet schedule, budget and design requirements, ultimately leading to savings in both time and money.

Because of the tremendous growth and interest in "green building," Penick prides itself on providing customers the best-in-class building services for these jobs as well. Today, Penick boasts a staff of LEED-accredited professionals that work with clients to streamline the building and certification process for projects undergoing the LEED rating system. The company has designed and built gold, silver and platinum LEED projects and offers the client design-build and design-assist services as well as environmentally conscious product lines such as pervious paving.

Safety has been contributory to the Penick growth as well. The company has received industry association safety awards, and workers and clients are drawn to the company's safe practices. Last year, the company's safety program was judged by the National Association of General Contractors as the best program in the country in its category. There have been proportionally low workers' compensation claims and few lost-time accidents in recent years. Quite simply, the company's safety record brings the company work.

T.B. Penick's customer loyalty is anchored in its cost and project management expertise.

"We design time-saving ideas into our projects. The philosophical underpinning is that we take our scheduling commitments very seriously and offer incentives for their achievement," says Penick.

Marc Penick, the company's CEO, sums it up best. "It all boils down to a simple T.B. Penick concept: We are there for our customers from the project inception, building a detailed schedule and clearing obstacles in order to optimize the time and cost of construction. That's what our customers want, and that's what we deliver."

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