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Who are you?

-RSI Roofing

How old are you?

-We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year.

Describe to me what you look like.

-We have two locations in San Diego serving all of Southern California.

What is your type?

-Commercial, industrial, office, HOAs, apartment buildings, shopping centers and medical buildings.

Can you supply me with restoration projects?


Can you support me with tenant improvements?


Can you help me out with my budgeting?


Do you have enough insurance?

-Yes, we have a $4 million dollar insurance policy with an A+ rated admitted carrier.

Do you take the time for roof maintenance programs?

-Yes, we actually have a separate Roof Maintenance Division that employs crews that specialize in roof maintenance only. This is rare in the roofing industry.

Can you help me with my rain gutters?

-Yes, our Rain Gutter Division has a proven track record of success.

Can you offer me solar?

-Yes, our Solar Solutions Division gives you the ability to implement solar on your roof and save money.

Are you able to supply me with energy savings?

-RSI can provide you with multiple solutions to save you energy and dollars.

What makes you different from the other roofing contractors?

-We were recently ranked 155th out of 25,000 roofing contractors in the nation, which puts us in the 99 percentile and No. 1 in Southern California.

Finally, what are you looking for in a relationship?

-A long-lasting one.

Call RSI today at (858) 278-7200 or visit www.ThinkRSI.com.

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