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Gaming-comics link strong at Comic-Con

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Apart from giving attendees a chance to celebrate their inner geek, Comic-Con International has also been an event highlighting the growing relationship between the videogame industry and comic books.

Thanks in no small part to the recent success of movies like "Batman: The Dark Knight."

DC Comics made sure this year's con would be no exception, as they showed off two new titles set in the DC world.

Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, DC universe online (DCUO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows players to fight alongside or against some of the most iconic figures taken straight from the pages of DC Comics such as Green Lantern, the Flash and Batman.

And while NC Soft's "City of Heroes," and subsequent "City of Villains," franchise may have beaten DC to the punch when it comes to setting an MMORPG in a comic book type world, DCUO will be have much more to work with in terms of characters and content, as they'll have the entire DC catalog from which to draw from.

DCUO also gets an added boost since they won't have to contend with their chief rival, Marvel Comics, in the MMORPG market either, as plans for the joint Microsoft/Cryptic Studios project were scrapped earlier this year.

Unfortunately player reaction has been mixed on the upcoming DC title, with some showing excitement at the chance of being able to team up with the likes of Batman or Lex Luther, while others immediately point out the similarities between DCUO and NC Soft's "City of" franchise.

However in fairness, seeing as SOE and DC were only showing off an alpha version off the game, it's still pretty impressive what DCUO has to offer thus far.

The other big title DC Comics was showing off was "Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe."

As you can infer from the title, this game pits the magical forces of Off-World against the likes of Catwoman, Superman and the Flash.

To say feedback from the fans has been positive would be an understatement as attendees reacted to footage from the game during the "Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe" panel with thunderous applause and boisterous cheers.

Among many of the features shown, the biggest crowd pleaser seemed to be the addition of freefall combat.

In a nutshell, this gives players the ability to chase after and continue fighting their opponent in mid-air after they have been thrown them from a high elevation.

EA Games was also in attendance and definitely drew a large crowd of people around their booth.

In particular attendees seemed very interested in "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning" (WAR).

Like DCUO, WAR is another MMORPG, except instead of doing battle against comic book characters players will fight in a more traditional fantasy setting using some of the classic archetypes like healer, warriors and rangers.

EA also touted some of their other upcoming titles such as "Spore," "Mercenaries 2" and "Crysis: Warhead."

All in all, even though the focus of the event is not videogames, it was still nice to see Comic-Con still able to offer something for everyone.

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