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EGCA offers air quality compliance workshops

It could mean the difference between staying in business or facing stiff fines and sudden disqualification from construction projects. "It" is the increasingly complex web of diesel emissions regulations flowing down from Sacramento: a portable engine regulation in 2005, a sweeping off-road diesel engine regulation in 2007, an on-road diesel engine regulation coming next month, and green house gas emissions regulations being developed now.

Individually each regulation is complex, but layered one on top of another, as they have become, the compounding effect is magnified and compliance becomes confounding to most equipment owners. Currently the most imminent -- and confusing -- of these regulations is the In-Use Off Road Diesel Emissions Rule, which is now in effect and has major reporting requirements starting in 2009.

A local construction industry association may have found an answer through a format for education and training necessary for compliance with this off-road diesel engine regulation. According to Executive Director Debbie Day, "our goal is that any member of EGCA who participates in this program and implements the steps clearly outlined will be compliant. We want to make it that simple."

The Engineering & General Contractors Association compliance program includes bimonthly evening meetings and three "how to" workshops:

1. Off-Road 101: A three-hour workshop for owners and managers understand the CARB requirements for compliance. Attendees receive a template.

2. Off-Road 102: A more detailed four-hour workshop for owners, managers and clerks, targeting the actual nuts and bolts of compliance: calculations, reporting, record keeping requirements and procedures.

3. Off-Road 103: A simplified three-hour workshop for the small fleet owner who is subject only to the particulate matter requirements of the rule. Includes calculations, reporting, record keeping requirements and procedures.

"We have developed workshops that provide any diesel equipment owner with a solid understanding of the rule requirements and what must be done to comply with the rule," said EGCA President Mike Shaw, co-owner of Perry & Shaw, a large earthmoving firm based in El Cajon.

EGCA is also developing a matrix of available services to help equipment owners identify the highest quality third-party vendors and consultants to provide assistance in gathering all fleet specific engine and equipment information, categorize and analyze the diesel engine fleet, develop a multi-year roadmap to achieve compliance as the stringency of the rule escalates each year, maintain detailed daily engine records and integrated reporting and compliance monitoring for this complex rule.

"We aim to make it easy to follow every action required to be compliant," said Shaw, "every action from 'A' to 'Z'. The workshops are the perfect starting place for equipment owners large and small."

More information can be found at egca.org or by calling (619) 692-0760.

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