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Waste Management's Healthcare Solutions group enters local market

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Waste Management is building a special services division to help health care operations manage their consumed materials. Waste Management has taken the first step toward this goal in the San Diego market with the purchase of Spectrum Services in San Diego.

Waste Management's goal is to offer a combination of services to handle solid waste, recycling, medical waste, confidential documents, universal and pharmaceutical waste from a single supplier. Through its extensive resources and consulting expertise, Waste Management has been able to save complex businesses more than $50 million. The company believes it can bring these competencies to the U.S. health care industry, the largest industry in the country with 18 percent of gross domestic product.

Related to these moves, Waste Management also recently purchased the largest medical waste treatment facility in the Southwest. This facility, located in Chambers County in southeast Texas, will provide services from Southern California to Louisiana beginning in March after significant upgrades are completed to meet WM's high safety and environmental standards.

Fully 70 percent of health care-generated waste is regular solid waste. Waste Management is in a unique position to use its existing infrastructure to handle this solid waste as the company adds health care waste treatment facilities. In addition, Waste Management's Recycle America division is the country's largest recycler. The company will be the first to have the infrastructure to offer a full range of services and provide health care facilities with greater efficiency, reduced costs, more recycling and better environmental stewardship.

Once its operations are fully functional, Waste Management will be able to provide services for hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and a variety of other health care operations in Southern California.

The company also has a team of subject experts from hazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste and recycling to offer state-of-the-art-knowledge and technology to preserve the environment while cost effectively treating and transporting these wastes.

Waste Management currently manages waste for more than 30,000 health care customers, including 1,400 hospitals. With the addition of these service lines and expertise, Waste Management's goal is to become the leading environmental experts in the U.S. health care market.

Here's what Waste Management's Healthcare Solutions offers:

1. Cost control

2. Risk management

3. Integrated solutions

4. Waste reduction

5. Managed complexity

6. Increased reuse and recycling

7. Optimal environmental protection

8. Routine progress reporting

For more information on Waste Management's Healthcare Solutions group, visit www.healthcare.wm.com.

Submitted by Waste Management's Healthcare Solutions

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