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Smart Growth Award project nominee

Cowboy Star restaurant reclaims industrial warehouse downtown

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The concept for Cowboy Star, designed by Bluemotif Architecture, was to marry the Cowboy Stars of old Western Hollywood with a modern restaurant. The restaurant incorporates graphic elements, photography and iconography recalling the Old West. The Roy Rogers motto and the values of John Wayne are underlying themes that define the restaurants character.

With a restaurant, bar and retail organic butcher shop, Cowboy Star's design caters to a western motif with a contemporary flare where the "old meets new." Custom architectural detailing is featured throughout, utilizing materials such as leather, black patina hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, stained concrete, wood floors and resin panels all surrounded by the charm of the existing old brick exterior walls. This engagement between a historic skin and chic interior creates a warm and inviting dining atmosphere. A stunning display kitchen is the focal point of the restaurant, while an intimate bar and outdoor patio greet guests as they enter the space.

Cowboy Star interior.

The project demonstrates the existing historic building stock in the East Village/urban core can be repurposed for new use and add character to a growing and changing district. The building was originally used as a car shop and was later an industrial warehouse and fabrication shop. Cowboy Star's design was meant to exhibit the "flaws" and ages of time and showcase them as beauty rather than blight.

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