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Smart Growth Awards project nominee

Veterans Village of San Diego expands services

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Veterans Village of San Diego's rehabilitative campus is a comprehensive integrated program for mental illness and substance abuse treatment. The facility provides a state-of-the-art living and support facility for the treatment of veterans, including 224 transitional housing beds, a counseling center, employment/education center, a kitchen/dining/multi-purpose facility, outpatient care facility and corporate offices.

The central courtyard includes a fire pit, vegetable and flower gardens, which the residents will maintain, and seating/communing areas for personal interaction.

The project is bounded by Witherby Street, Pacific Highway, Couts Street and the railroad tracks east of Kurtz Street. This project is phase II of a three-phase process to construct transitional housing for homeless veterans under the city's "Homeless Assistance Agreement." Phase II will demolish current buildings to expand upon the existing amenities as well as double the number of early treatment beds from 112 to 224. At the end of phase III, the project will total 224 treatment beds in addition to 24 three-bedroom veteran's apartments and a warehouse.

Veterans Village of San Diego.

The development is modeled after Spanish style architecture, with courtyards and stucco. In addition to proximity to public transit, this "smart" program returns individuals to self-esteem and a productive self-sufficient role in society. The campus facilities are modest yet architecturally distinctive, and have been paid for through a combination of funding sources including the Housing Commission, state of California, VA, private donations and bank loans.

Veterans Village of San Diego is one of the few programs that successfully integrates this type of use into the community and is a socially beneficial and sustainable model.

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IMichael A Maracchini 10:20am September 15, 2009

I am in the VA Treatment Inpatient program and am discharging on 9-16-09 to VVSD. I am looking forward to being a valuable part of the population there. Already have a good foundation for my recovery, but want and need to build on it. The cement on the foundation is poured, now it is time to hang some steel. God Bless!!!!