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Committed to serving the South Bay's energy needs

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Since 1911, when gas service was first available in the South Bay, both the area and the company providing that energy have changed dramatically. Today the South Bay continues to grow, in terms of its population and growing prominence in the region. To stay ahead of the area's expansion, SDG&E continues to supply safe and reliable natural gas and electricity service, as well as the energy solutions required to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Unlike the old days, when the emphasis was on building more plants to produce more energy, today's focus is built on helping our customers use their energy more wisely -- an effort which helps preserve the environment and, ultimately, benefits everyone.

Not only are residents making changes in the way they conserve energy and energize their homes, but businesses throughout the South Bay are helping to meet the energy challenge. All together, they add strength to California's successful energy-efficiency model, as cited by President Barack Obama in a recent speech. Californians use 40 percent less energy per capita compared to the rest of the country.

Locally, many South Bay businesses, such as Jack Harrison Buick, have made energy-saving improvements through high-efficiency modifications to their lighting and HVAC systems. And other South Bay businesses large and small are following suit by making changes that will not only help them manage their energy use, but that additionally make a contribution to the overall improvement of the environment, the economy and quality of life.

In addition to SDG&E's efforts to help residents and businesses save energy, the company also supports charities that serve the South Bay community. Since 2000, SDG&E has contributed more than $250,000 to community-based programs, activities and organizations in the area. This year, as a participant in the "Christmas in July" event, SDG&E will sponsor free energy-saving home improvements for National City residents who need extra help.

As a company with a philosophy firmly committed to diversity, SDG&E supports a variety of causes, including those benefitting community organizations of all backgrounds. The South Bay and SDG&E go way back in helping each other grow, mature and prosper. We appreciate our South Bay customers and invite them to visit our Web site at sdge.com to find out more about our programs and services that can help both at home and work.

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