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Wilson Turner Kosmo: Grounded in changing times

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Like companies in all industries, law firms are developing new strategies to face today's challenges. Law firms that have a diverse client base, a commitment to service and a solid foundation rich in tradition will likely better weather the uncertainty of the times.

One such firm is Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP, which unveiled a new name on July 1. According to partner Claudette Wilson, "The only thing that is different is the name on the door. Our firm has a model that seems to work well, for us. We're busy and we enjoy what we do."

Formerly Wilson Petty Kosmo & Turner, the San Diego-based litigation boutique of 19 attorneys has never aspired to be a mega firm with multiple specialties. This refreshing philosophy has benefited the firm during these tough economic times.

"Many firms make the mistake of trying to be all things to all clients. We know who we are and what we do well," said partner Fred Kosmo.

For 18 years, the firm has been focused on litigation in specific practice areas -- business, employment, product liability, warranty, health care and trade secrets. "We have extensive expertise in these areas and have never had an interest in growing just for the sake of growth," Kosmo said. "We wait until we have a need, and then we recruit the lawyer to handle the work, not the other way around."

Interestingly, while the firm is one of the largest women-owned law firms and one of the most diverse firms in the region, that didn't happen by design. According to partner Vickie Turner, "We hire for talent. Often times the best candidate happens to be a woman and/or minority."

Fortune 500 companies, including many of the top 100, turn to Wilson Turner Kosmo for their high-stakes litigation needs. With a "who's who" client list that includes companies from the retail industry, health care, energy, automobile, real estate and more, the firm has attracted the attention of its peers.

Three Wilson Turner Kosmo partners -- Wilson, Michael Kalt and Lonny Zilberman -- are Daily Transcript Top Attorneys. Five partners -- Wilson, Turner, Kosmo, Lois Kosch and Michael Kalt -- were named 2009 Super Lawyers. Wilson was named one of the Top 10 Super Lawyers in all of San Diego, both this year and last.

One of the early traditions established at Wilson Turner Kosmo that is still an important part of the firm's culture is giving back to the local community. Turner is a stellar example of the firm's commitment to volunteerism. For her extensive service, Turner is being honored by her alma mater, USD Law School, for her community service as well as her exemplary work and high ethical standards. She will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award later this year.

"I think most lawyers will look back on the past year as one of change," Wilson said. "I think we will look back on 2009 as a year of opportunity for the firm."

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