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Update on SDMAC’s San Diego Military Economic Impact Study

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SDMAC has started the ball rolling to update our highly successful 2008 San Diego Military Economic Impact Study.

For those not familiar with the Study, it quantified the impact of military spending on the regional economy of San Diego County using federal spending data on procurement, salaries, base expenditures, and retirement spending. The 2008 Study determined that San Diego is the #1 county recipient of Department of Defense spending in the nation, and that the San Diego military will contribute approximately $24.6 billion to the regional economy and account for 27% of employment.

An initial meeting was held in May between SDMAC and members of Export Access, the organization which is part of the University of California at San Diego’s Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. Export Access performed the research for the 2008 Economic Impact Study.

Export Access has provided SDMAC with a proposal to provided an updated study, which we are currently reviewing. SDMAC anticipates reaching an agreement with Export Access by the end of June 2009.

The upcoming study will be a complete update of the 2008 Military Economic Impact Study and will include not only updated statistical information, but military and corporate updates as well. The target date for publication of the new study is January 2010.

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