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Update from the SDMAC Bases and Infrastructure Issue Group

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During the April breakfast meeting, Earl Wederbrook, Co-chair of the Bases and Infrastructure Issue Group, provided a comprehensive update as to Group’s mission and activities.

"Our mission is to work with legislators and other civilian authorities to ensure that military facilities and property are protected from encroachment and other actions which may impact the military mission by degrading its readiness", explained Wederbrook.

Examples of such encroachment include urban growth, airspace/land space/ sea space restrictions, noise, air quality, maritime sustainability, and endangered species and critical habitat issues. Specific encroachment issues faced within the last few years within the San Diego area involved Proposition A pertaining to MCAS Miramar, and Proposition B regarding the 10th Avenue Pier.

To improve and increase awareness of emerging and potential encroachment issues going forward, the Issue Group is committed to maintaining a constant dialogue with the offices of: the Commander, Navy Region Southwest; the Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West; the Commanding General of MCRD; and the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Station San Diego. This continuous communication planned by the Issue Group’s Co-chairs Earl Wederbrook and Mike Allen will help ensure the Issue Group’s mission is successfully completed.

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