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June Meeting Speaker Recap: Rear Admiral Christopher J. Mossey

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Members and guests attending the June 18th SDMAC breakfast meeting were treated to an indepth review of what Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) is all about by Rear Admiral Christopher Mossey.

NAVFAC is comprised of 16,500 civilians, 1,750 military and 500 contractors operating worldwide in support of Navy and Marine Corps forces to design, build, and maintain environmentally compliant and adaptable facilities. Approximately 90% of its $13 billion annual operating budget is executed through civilian contracting partners.

RADM Mossey discussed several hot topics applicable to NAVFAC Southwest, specifically in San Diego County and its surrounding areas. The first topic concerned the execution of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in furtherance of the national effort focused on the economic recovery. The second topic pertained to support of USMC force growth through the construction of berthing, housing, medical, and various other support facilities. “There is $700 million in construction projects currently in progress at Camp Pendleton”, said Mossey, “including 40 new barracks”. Over 4,000 new Marines are expected within the Corps.

The major challenge of the ARRA is to execute tasking and billing as quickly as possible in order to accelerate and enhance stimulation of the economy. “We’re currently hiring people and there are numerous employment opportunities”, stated Mossey. “In FY 2008, we hired 544 new employees, and in FY2009, we expect to hire 500-600 new employees.”

Per Mossey, there is also additional focus being given to integrating energy efficiency into ongoing efforts, investing in cutting edge energy conservation technology, and rapidly completing previously deferred maintenance on facilities and equipment. Mossey elaborated, “Our goal is to have 90% renewal energy by 2025”.

There are currently three major public-private projects in progress within the San Diego area. They include: (1) the Pacific Beacon Bachelor Quarters at 32nd Street Naval Station, (2) the Berth Lima construction project at NAS North Island in preparation for home porting of the USS Carl Vinson, and (3) the replacement of the fuel farm at Point Loma.

If you wish to view RADM Mossey’s presentation, visit SDMAC’s website at www.sdmac.org.

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