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President’s Message: Relationships produce results

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Successful organizations are comprised of individuals who are relationship driven.

These organizations also possess focused leadership, a strong sense of purpose, and leaders who are willing to do what it takes to accomplish the "right" things. This description fits the relationship that SDMAC has enjoyed with the military leadership in the San Diego region. When you review the issues that SDMAC has faced since our inception, you will see that your organization has accomplished much under the region’s leadership. A few of the critical issues successfully addressed include:

* The defeat of Proposition A pertaining to Miramar

* The defeat of Proposition B regarding the commercialization of the 10th Avenue Terminal

* State legislation in support of payday lending reform

* The Amicus Brief filed with the Supreme Court related to the use of active sonar by the Navy for training purposes

* Implementation of the Troops to College program

* Support of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

* Addressing Wounded Warrior issues. SDMAC serves as a clearing house for critical issues and programs at Balboa Hospital

* Communication with our elected officials in Sacramento and Washington DC on various legislative matters

These issues were all addressed due to SDMAC’s partnership with RADM Hering, MajGen Lehnert, RADM Hunter, BGen Salinas, and others. The leadership and openness to dialog that these fine individuals exhibited allowed our organization to pursue these issues with a sense of confidence. SDMAC truly appreciates these military leaders’ involvement. In fact, in recognition of their work, SDMAC has awarded lifetime memberships to these individuals and we hope that they will continue to remain engaged with our organization.

While we have enjoyed good relationships with the departing military leadership, we also look forward to working with the new leadership teams and the vibrancy that change brings. We are pleased to welcome the new military leadership team to San Diego and pledge that SDMAC will work with them to make their tours successful and meaningful for all of the men and women under their commands.

As a follow-up to last month’s meeting, thank you to those companies that contacted the representatives form San Diego State University regarding their Troops to College program. And, thank you to those companies that collected resumes on the young Marine that we showcased. Remember that there are many more fine military personnel in the Troops to College program.

Finally, thank you to Chaplain Emilio Marrero, Jr., for the invocation given at our July breakfast meeting.

His book, "A Quiet Reality," deals with his experiences in Iraq in 2004. It is a very insightful reading and I would recommend it to round out your knowledge of what our military men and women are facing in Iraq.

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