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President’s Message - January 2010

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Welcome to 2010 and the beginning of a new decade of opportunities and challenges, some known and most not. SDMAC begins its sixth year of service as it continues to be a bridge between the military and the community, addressing military business issues, and supporting efforts to improve the quality of life for service members and their families. The influence of SDMAC is increasing, not just within the San Diego region, but in Sacramento and Washington D.C. as well. This can be attributed to the efforts of: SDMAC members, the relationships that SDMAC is honored to be part of with the military and the homeland security leadership within the San Diego region, and the open dialogue with local, regional, state, and national public administrators, appointees, and elected officials.

Recent near successes by terrorists remind us that our country, our way of life, and our freedoms exist only by the bravery and heroics of our military, the sacrifices of their families, and the engagement of our citizens. 2010 will be a year of continued commitment by SDMAC to ensure the San Diego region maintains its unprecedented partnership with all who provide for the defense of the United States.

The southwestern U.S. maintains the largest concentration of operational military, engineering development, and training bases and ranges in the world — a necessity to ensure our country’s and allies’ warriors are not sent forth with anything less than the best in preparation, and are returned to the best care while their families have been kept safe in their absence. These are ever more threatened by a growing population encroaching on what were once isolated and distant locations, conflicting use, and economic interests and limits. SDMAC is dedicated to the coexistence and participation of our community with the military, and the military with and within the community.

Along with me as President, SDMAC will start 2010 with a new Vice President/President Elect, RADM Ken Slaght, USN (ret.), and a new Treasurer, Alan Baca. Jamie Hewitt returns as the Secretary and John Nersesian transitions to leading the Executive Committee as the Immediate Past President.

The Board welcomes Annette Peck as the newest Director. The tireless, varied, and continuous work provided by our Executive Director, Larry Blumberg, is the source of SDMAC’s momentum. Our infrastructure and business requirements have caught up with us in 2010 and we now have dedicated office space and part-time administrative support, which is a big step for SDMAC operationally and financially.

SDMAC in 2009 was led by John Nersesian as President. My personal “Hats off!” to John for his leadership and advice … thank you. The consult provided by the Executive Committee, led in 2009 by Terry Magee, was invaluable to SDMAC and will be relied upon in 2010. The Directors, Committee and Group Chairs, and Liaisons were and will continue to be where ideas and initiatives result in action. To you, our corporate and individual members, your participation and support make this possible — thanks, well done, and hold on for 2010.

It’s a pleasure to have been part of SDMAC for over 5 years and a privilege to be President for 2010.

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