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MedImpact new headquarters blends unique look, LEED certification

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Fred Howe, president and chief executive officer of MedImpact, told developer Colton Sudberry that he wanted his company's new headquarters to look like nothing else in San Diego.

"We spent a lot of time looking at all types of different stone and glass and trim materials and ultimately just fell in love with the stone that was selected," Sudberry, who's company Sudberry Properties worked as MedImpact's developer. "It was unique and fit in well with the surrounding area."

The stone that will adorn the MedImpact building is from India, and will cover the outside of the partially LEED certified building, scheduled for completion in January.

It's the most visibly different part of the new MedImpact headquarters, but the building is also somewhat unique in that it will be part of a multiple use project with office, retail and open civic space. Also, the shell and core of the MedImpact building will be LEED Gold certified, according to Chris Heim, project director and manager of the project for general contractor Reno Contracting.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification means much of it will be built with recycled materials, waste will be diverted from the project, and certified wood and an approved indoor air quality management plan will be used. LEED is an internationally recognized building certification system under the U.S. Green Building Council that awards buildings a certain level of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

"It is really unique to MedImpact's needs," Heim said. "The owner of MedImpact wanted his building to be unique and not look like anything else in town."

MedImpact did not respond to the Transcript's request for comment on this story, but Sudberry and Heim both spoke about it.

The entire project is on a 30-acre site in Scripps Ranch on Scripps Gateway Court.

The main building, which will serve as MedImpact's headquarters, will be a six-story building of about 148,500 square feet. According to Sudberry, MedImpact has about 650,000 square feet to build on. It could have all been Class A office space, but the company plans to build 450,000 square feet of office space and 380,000 square feet of retail.

It's not yet clear who will rent or lease the remaining office space, Sudberry said.

The office space will be adjacent to retail space, which will be in the environmental review process for another 18 to 24 months, but ultimately Sudberry said it will include "upscale" civic spaces like a plaza and other amenities, as well as possibly restaurants and shops.

Some of the amenities helping MedImpact's headquarters earn Gold certifications for the shell and core include: A walkable neighborhood with restaurants, banks and a fitness center; 35 preferred parking spaces for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles; 73,000 square feet of vegetated space; onsite stormwater treatment through the use of bio-retention basins; a cool roof that reduces air conditioning use and costs; low-flow fixtures; an efficient irrigation system; high-efficiency air filters; and a high amount of daylighting throughout.

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