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Aerotek supports staffing for biotech industry in San Diego

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Aerotek Inc., a leading U.S. staffing provider, is a direct source to provide valuable staffing services within the San Diego business community. As a key staffing partner throughout the San Diego community for more than 14 years, Aerotek's experienced staffing professionals locate, screen and place candidates in positions for a variety of industries, including the biotech industry.

Aerotek Scientific LLC, a division of Aerotek, is one of the largest providers of scientific and clinical staffing in the United States. Aerotek Scientific specializes in providing staffing within the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industries throughout the San Diego region. As members of the local chapters of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and Association for Women in Sciences (AWIS), Aerotek networks within the industry to locate qualified professionals.

Aerotek operates two offices in San Diego County that provide staffing to the biotech industry by fulfilling contract, contract-to-hire and permanent positions, including:

Organic Chemists Analytical Chemists Molecular Biologists Biochemists Pharmacology/Toxicology Associates Research Associates Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS) Manufacturing/Production Technicians Scientists Lab Technicians Quality Specialists Quality Managers Clinical Research Associates (CRA) Drug Safety Associates Regulatory Affairs GMP Manufacturing Technicians

Partnering with a staffing company

Companies within the biotech industry have begun to partner with staffing firms that specialize in the industry, such as Aerotek, to augment their staff through contract hiring. As a leading international staffing provider, Aerotek offers the flexibility to add staff to meet an immediate need while allowing companies to maintain their bottom line.

A working relationship with a staffing provider allows biotech companies the financial flexibility to spread out the cost of an employee over the contract period, in addition to the ability to focus on increasing its research and development instead of concentrating on hiring full-time talent. Hiring an employee on a contract or contract-to-hire basis offers a flexible cost cushion because the cost to hire contract employees can be significantly less than the amount to hire and train a full-time employee directly.

Save time and money

Companies that take advantage of contract staffing services save time and money spent on hiring and interviewing candidates, which can span several weeks, making it a time-consuming process. Staffing companies such as Aerotek identify, screen and place candidates with a company and administer insurance, benefits and paychecks so internal resources are not overwhelmed with these tasks. Aerotek will take full responsibility for employee-related costs including unemployment, workers' compensation, benefits, 401(k) and more. Staffing companies can better absorb costs associated with workers' compensation, unemployment and benefits due to the sheer number of employees that they manage. By partnering with a staffing company to augment its staff, biotech companies are able to retain control of all day-to-day management of roles and responsibilities of the contracted employees.

Whether you are searching for employment or seeking more information on staffing services within the biotech industry, visit aerotek.com/sciences or call 619-278-3006 to see how Aerotek can partner with you.

Submitted by Aerotek Inc.

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